Exfoliate your lips at home for Soft and Pink lips

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Tired of using lip balms, lip creams and other products! Here we are with a homemade recipe to exfoliate your lips naturally. Even trying harder, we don’t get pink and soft lips. Now try out this simple and easy remedy, and see the change yourself!

The skin of our lips is 5 times thinner and softer than our facial skin. It needs special care and concern, so that it stays pink and naturally nurtured.

Soft and pink lips at home
Soft and pink lips at home

In the present era, due to many factors our lips turn blackish and fade. Doesn’t matters how much beautiful your body and face is, if your lips are harassed then automatically it will be a black spot in your personality.

Scrubbing is the best method to keep your lips younger and shiner. You can self notice, just rub your lips with the finger. The lips will turn pinkish and smoother too. Why so? Check out the following.

How scrubbing is good for lips?

Scrubbing is a process, where we rub the specific area to remove its dead cells and to make it breath. It improves thee blood circulation in that part, thus improving the texture and complexion.

When we scrub our lips, it looses the dead skin layer and dirt, which were clogging the lips. It automatically makes your lips gorgeous and seems like lipstick is applied!

Now, let us see our homemade lip exfoliator. It is affordable for all and suited too.

Homemade lip exfoliator-

lip exfoliator
homemade lip exfoliator

It implies only with natural ingredients and no chemicals involved. Make sure that after this lip exfoliator, you apply some base like lip balm on it to preserve the moisture.


  • White sugar- 1 teaspoon
  • Crushed rose petals- 5-6
  • Honey- few drops
  • 5-6 lemon drops

How to use this?

  1. Mix all these ingredients in a bowl, so that all get combined to each other.
  2. Get pink rose petals and crush it well so that it forms paste.
  3. Rinse your lips with water, so that the dead skin gets loosened.
  4. Now using your index finger, take some lip exfoliator and gently scrub your lips with this.
  5. Make sure that you are comfortable with it and not feeling any itch or pain.
  6. Rub for 2 minutes, then wash off with water.
  7. Pat dry with soft towel and apply some pure ghee or good quality of lip care.


Doing this once or twice a week, enhance your lip complexion, making it softer and pinkish. It is the best remedy for those with blackish and fade lips.

The results will vary upon your lip complexion and usage. This is a permanent and easiest solution for pink lips.

Hope you like the article. Give it a try and share your feedback with us. Share to all and make everyone like divas! Take care and live well.

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