5 Top Simple Yoga Poses To Reduce Extra Back Fat


Want to get rid of those extra back fats within a few days? It is one of the toughest yet possible tasks to achieve. Women are very cautious regarding their figure and extra fats in the body can seriously hamper it.  The back portion of the body is very tough to approach and remove fats from it. Various numbers of techniques are easily advisable that may burn down your pockets or need extra caution to be practiced.

Yoga unlike other methods can be easily practiced at home and is not a costly process. It is basically a simple yet effective process to bring back the best figure by burning extra fats accumulated in the body. There are lots of yoga poses that can be practiced to reduce fats in the body. You need to take care of some of the best yoga techniques that will help to reduce back fats within a considerable period of time.

Below given are some of the other benefits that yoga poses will provide along with fat reduction from the body.

  1. Lower blood pressure
  2. Provides relaxation to the mind
  3. Reduces the level of stress
  4. Provides toned muscles
  5. Provides proper stretch to the entire body

The blog post from Well Massive explains some of the best types of exercises besides yoga poses that are easy to perform and provides guaranteed results.

Yoga poses to reduce extra back fat

Sun Poses: This is basically a set of 12 distinct kinds of poses that will help to stretch the entire body and get rid of the back fat. It is a very effective yoga pose which is mainly practiced during early morning hours. This will burn out the extra fats from the back portion of the body and will also help to detoxify the body. It also keeps a track of the digestive system. Practicing this yoga poses on a daily basis will help to avoid the further accumulation of fats in the back portion of the body.

Cobra Pose: It is a very different kind of pose that looks like the pose of a cobra snake. Lay down silently on the floor with the legs stretched and stomach on the floor. Try to raise the forehead and shoulders by keeping palm on the floor.  Try to inhale slowly and tighten the muscles. Hold this position for around 30 seconds and try to repeat the same pose for 5-6 times. It provides proper strength to the spine and abdominal muscles. Fats present in the backside will also reduce at the same time.

Triangle Pose:  it is a very effective kind of pose that provides proper stretch to the entire body and in turn reduces those unwanted fats from the body. Stand in a straight position and slowly stretch your right leg so that there are enough gaps between the two legs. Extend the right arm and try to touch the left foot.  Keeps the left hand rising up so that the entire body is stretched to its maximum? This pose provides more pressure to the fats present in the back of the body. Inhale and wait for some time. Try to repeat the same in opposite direction.

Bow Pose: This pose looks the same as that the pose of a bow. Lay down on your stomach and stretched out your hands towards facing up.  Try to exhale and bend your knees in the upward direction. Try to bring them close to your butt and hold the ankles with your hand. Breathe properly and wait for 20 seconds. Release it and repeat the pose for 5 times. This pose mainly targets the belly and the back portion.

Wheel Pose: This pose is also known as the upward bow.  This pose will not only reduce the fats from the back, but it also targets the abdominal muscles. It is a very challenging pose in yoga and if done can provide the best results. Lie down on the yoga mat facing the sky. Bend your knees upwards making the right angle with the hips. Try to keep the feet flat on the floor and near to your butt. Put your palms on the floor so that the fingertips are facing towards the feet. Try to raise your body in an upward direction. Try to practice this pose in a slow manner. Stay in this pose for a few seconds and come down to the initial position.

With proper dedication and proper yoga poses, it is sure to remove those unwanted and ugly fats present in the back portion of your body.

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