Top 5 First Foods to start Solids to your little angel

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As a baby step to 6 months, we get a new responsibility to choose correct first foods which are easy to digest and nice ones. Hey new mums, if you are also wondering the same then this post is meant for you. 

A small baby possesses very tender and sensitive digestion, so one should choose the first food very wisely and after seeking correct knowledge.

What most of the parent do for first food?

diet for babies
diet for babies

8 out of 10 parents opt for, packaged baby foods available in markets in readymade forms. Many also go for formula milk and other readymade supplements for the baby.

Somehow like, ready to eat oats, porridge, malt, and other baby food are preffered by the parents.

Are these really good for babies?

Pediatricians suggest not to give such ready to eat food to the babies. If it so urgency, like if the baby doesn’t want to eat anything or they hesitate eating home cooked food, then you will give such in limited quantities.

All such foods may contain gluten or preservatives, which are not good from the health point of view. Maybe you feel it good, but for future references, it can be bad and can be the root cause of severe physical as well as mental disabilities.

Now, today we will be telling you 5 easy to cook and healthy first foods of the baby. Those are very good and safe for 6+ months babies

5 First Foods for the 6+ months babies:

1. Rice Dal Uggu-

Rice dal uggu
Rice dal uggu

It is one of the highly suggested baby food, which you can prepare easily. It is wholly made from rice and dal thus a good combo of protein and carbohydrates.

A 6 month baby can take it once a day, and if it is more than 8 months then you can also give for 2-3 times a day with different variations.

2. Dal ka Paani-

dal ka pani
dal ka pani

Dal ka paani or Lentil soup is also a good choice as the baby food. A developing baby needs enough proteins for correct growth, and lentils are the best option.

How to prepare this?

  • Take 2 tablespoons of moong or toor dal and pressure cook with 2 cups of water.
  • Add a pinch of salt and a teaspoon of turmeric powder in it.
  • After cooked, leave it still until the pressure releases.
  • Now you will notice a layer of water above the cooked dal.
  • This is only dal ka paani.
  • Give this to the baby twice a day.

3. Yogurt

curd for kids'
curd for kids’

Most of the pediatricians suggest starting giving whole-milk yogurt to the baby, in 6-7 months. It is easily digestible and very healthy too. It offers probiotics to the baby, maintaining their gut health.

But before going to this, you must ask your doctor. Many babies are having cold tendency, so giving curd to them can be little bad. You can give curd alone or can also add some fruits if suggested.

4.  Boiled and pureed vegetables

vegetable puree for kids
vegetable puree for kids

When the baby is 6-7 months old, you can give them softly cooked and mashed vegetables like carrot, potato, beans, spinach etc. You can take 2-3 types of vegetables and cook to mash it.

Adding a bit of salt and pepper will make it healthy as well as tasty. It will act as the complete meal for the baby rich in vitamins, minerals, and all other nutrients.

5. Mashed Banana with oats flakes-

mashed banana
mashed banana

When a baby gets about 6-7 months old, then you can start giving some fruits like banana under the pediatrician’s supervision. Oats is well-known to keep the bowels healthy with the richness of fibers in it.

There are oats available in raw form, you can simply boil it till softens. After getting cool, simply blend it with banana and give it to the baby.

One should start solids one by one. Start one item first, continue for a few days and see if the baby is able to digest it. Afterward, go for other solids wisely.

For neonates, one should always seek the doctor’s guidance first before going to any such start-ups of food. With the growth, you can introduce other solids too so that the baby receives all the crucial vitamins and minerals which will aid in correct growth.

Hope you find the post useful. In case of questions or queries, do comment us. Share it in all the social media. Take care and live well!

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