4 Refreshing Diabetic Drinks to quench Thirst and Dryness

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There are lots of sweetened and salty drinks available for us to quench thirst. But what about Diabetics! Today we will be telling you about 4 diabetic drinks which are natural, refreshing and can also be taken as an energy booster.

What is meant by Refreshing Drinks?

Whenever we feel worn out or tired, we go for colas, glucose drinks, chilled sharbats etc that fills us with refreshment and energy. Those are Refreshing drinks for us.

diabetic drinks for health
diabetic drinks for health

Somehow, we forget about the diabetic ones!  They can’t take sweet drinks, chilled ones can harm their digestion and synthetic flavors can do bad to them.

Then what can be termed as diabetic drinks ha!

The weather outside is humid and diabetics too quench for drinks and colas.

Emotional breakdown due to this:

Most of us avoid this and say; let it be what can be done! Do you know 80% cause of any disease is interlinked with mental status?

When diabetic people get only boring and bitter thinks as Refreshing diabetic drinks, then slowly they start feeling low and loses the hope!

They feel as very odd and diseased ones. And this is not good at all!

We have a solution for our diabetic friends. We will be telling you about 4 easy and homemade refreshing diabetic drinks, which are tasty, healthy and of course boon for health.

Diabetic drinks for health and taste:

They say health and taste are two different things, which cannot come together. But today this thing is going to be wrong with these diabetic drinks.

Maybe the taste can’t compete for so much of sweetened and cola flavors, but will be much tastier than those boring and bitter flavors.

1. Masala Chaach or Buttermilk

masala buttermilk for health
masala buttermilk for health

Buttermilk or chaach is good for everyone. Especially for diabetics, it’s a boon when taken after meals or at mid-day snack.

How to prepare?

  • Take a cup of homemade curd and put 2 cups of semi-chilled water in it.
  • Now put 1 teaspoon of roasted cumin powder, 1 teaspoon of chat masala, crushed mint leaves and 2 teaspoons of black salt.
  • Blend all these for a minute and serve.

2. Sattu Sharbat-

sattu sharbat
Sattu sharbat

It is also a very healthy and tasty delight for diabetics in summers. It will keep their tummy full and refreshed all day long. The presence of aromatic spices in it will make it refreshing and a healthy energy drink.

You can check the recipe as Sattu Sharbat, which is a good option for all.

3. Fruit Juices-

fruit juices
fruit juices

In the list of diabetic drinks, fruit juices will rank the top. Filled with the goodness of nature, these will make them refreshed and will also provide energy.

A diabetic person must take orange, mosambi, watermelon and other seasonal fruit juices in small intervals. For a change, they can also toss with a mix-up of different juices with the addition of black salt and cumin powder into it.

4. Berry Smoothie-

beery smoothie for diabetics
Berry smoothie for diabetics

This is a very healthy, tasty and refreshing part of diabetic drinks. Berries such as raspberry, strawberry, blueberries etc are full of beta-carotenes which keeps the glucose levels in balance.

They are also packed with vitamins, minerals, zinc, iron, potassium, magnesium, folate and all other nutrients which are good for diabetics.

How to prepare this?

  • Take a cup of mixed berries and chop it into pieces.
  • Now blend these with half a cup of chilled skimmed milk and 2 tablespoons of unsweetened condensed milk.
  • All these will for smoothie kind of thing.
  • Serve with topping of berries and a cute twig of mint,

These were some of the diabetic drinks, which are full of refreshment and healthy on the other hand. Hope this post will be useful to all, especially for the diabetic people.

Always remember, if you are sick physically then it will be cured by time. But if the disease has made you lose hope and entered to your mind, then it can’t be cured by any pill or any therapy.

Take care and stay healthy!

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