Health benefits of 10 very common and juicy Fruits

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Fruits are the edible part of plants that are rich in nutrients. Mostly they contains a huge amount of fibers and minerals in them. Today we will be talking about 10 very common juicy fruits and their health benefits.

Fruits are considered as the basic part of everyone’s diet. Many fruits acts as a herbal medicine in many ailments. Such as; Black plum also known as ”Jamun” in common is a great miraculous fruit, not only its pulp but almost whole part such as ; seed ,leaves even the bark of the tree cures many dermal ailments.

Just same, fruits as oranges, litchis, mango and so on .

So here let’s have a brief description about the healing and miraculous powers of fruits

10 common Juicy Fruits with their health benefits:

  1. Apple

    Apple fruit
    Apple fruit

    This fruit is majorly produced in Kashmir and has very juicy and nutritive values. It is the topmost produce of china then USA. It is a good source of vitamin A and cures the sight related visionary defects. It has been proved by scientific surveys and experiments that it prevents the chances of cancer to a great extent.

    It also cures cardio-related diseases as well as weakness. It is also said ”An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” It means consuming single apple daily acts like a protecting shield against disease causing pathogens.

    Apple also provides antioxidants and poly-phenols to our body that are very beneficial nutri-molecules. It is one of the juicy fruits which is very delicious.

    Apart from micro molecules it also contains some trace metals like calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, sodium and zinc. Apples are eaten in many forms such as; apple pie, cakes, baked and so on. Beside these apple is also rich in many heath nutrients. It prevents dementia, reduces the level of bad cholesterol, reduces the risk of diabetes, and prevents heat strokes and many more.

  1. Banana

    healthy creamy banana
    healthy creamy banana

    This is a creamy, sweet and delicious fruit that is fully packed with goodness of nutrients. Firstly it is full of potassium content and many essential minerals too. There are about 100 different species of banana each of them having their own quality.

    Countries that produce most of bananas are India, Brazil, Ecuador and China. Banana as well as its tree both is used in various types such as; the shoots are used to make yarn, banana fiber is also used in making papers the trunk is softly dried and used to make rugs as well as banana silk.

    These are the excellent source of vitamin B. Banana is low in saturated fat and sodium. Being good source and rich in potassium content fruit it is very beneficial for kidneys too.

    It is just a miracle for thin persons, as daily intake of banana with milk makes them healthier. Banana is fulfilled of natural sugars like; Glucose fructose and sucrose which makes it one of the naturally healthiest food.

  2. Coconut

    fresh coconut
    fresh coconut

    This is a fruit that grows on palm tree. It is rich in ‘’Laurie acid’’ which is very beneficial for the stability of cholesterol in our body. Palm trees can be found on tropical as well as sub tropical areas.

    Coconut is well-known for its great versatility as it has many usage almost in everything . Like it is used in food products, packaged food items, cosmetics, soaps, cultural aspects and many more.

    Coconut is assumed as it was originated in Americas. Palm trees are majorly grown on ‘’Black soil’’. Dry weather is best suited for palm trees like on beaches where scanty rainfall is expected.

    This whitish, pulpy and tasty fruit has many benefits hidden in it such as ; it prevents obesity as it has a huge energy level with few calories in it. Also those who regularly consume coconut made products they gets a stronger ability to go without eating for several hours without any affect of ‘’Hypoglycemia’’.

    It makes the heart healthy as it contains few percentage of cholesterol and its Laurie acid contributes towards a better health. As it is also rich in dietary fibers it improves the by boosting its energy level, no Trans-Fats digestive system.

    In addition coconuts propel the body by its properties of raising energy level antibacterial, antiviral and hypoallergenic too.

  3. Pear-

    pear fruit
    pear fruit

    It is an apple shaped fruit which is popular all across the world, basically around the northern hemisphere. In botanical language it is called ‘’Pome fruit’’. It is very useful for Type 2 diabetes.

    It is a good source of vitamin C also containing minerals, enzymes and water soluble fibers in rich amount. It is a hypo-allergic fruit and an excellent source of antioxidants.

    Because of its Flavanoid content and medicinal properties it balances cellulose in our body and also controls Blood sugar (Diabetes). It protects large intestines from nitrogenous wastes.

    Its sorbitol helps to digest extra fibers in our body. It contains a compound called ‘’Pectin’’ that helps to cure diarrhea. Overall we can say that pear is a very nutritious kind of fruit that has almost all dietary supplements in it.

  4. Papaya

    healthy papaya fruit
    healthy papaya fruit

    As milk is called a complete food, Papaya is just similar to that as it contains all the macro as well as micro molecules including vitamin C too that the milk lacks.

    Brazil is the topmost producer of papaya. Some other names of papaya are likely called Papaw or Pawpaw Papaya also contain an enzyme called ‘’Papen’’ that catalyses the breakdown of protein through hydrolysis. Papaya is very good for kidneys and gastro disorders.

    Papaya is a wonder fruit that is full of benefit whether it is its pulp or seed. Its seeds also aids to many ailments such as diabetes, constipation and many more. It also reduces stress, prevents cancer, reduces and prevents signs of ageing, eases menstrual pain, helps in weight loss etc.

    There are many uses of papaya instead from eating as a fruit such as: raw papaya is used to cook as a curry in North India, it is also used for medicinal purpose like in some parts of world the leaves of papaya is made into tea to treat Malaria.

  5. Custard Apple

    custard apple
    custard apple

    It is also known as ‘’Bull’s heart’. It is the one fruit that binds many nutritional elements in one like minerals, antioxidants, potassium, magnesium, Vitamin C and many.

    Custard apple helps to fight free radicals in our body and also controls the blood pressure. Its constituency of high amount of Magnesium and Potassium helps to keep our heart healthy and prevents cardiac diseases. This fruit is high in calories and iron so its very good for people suffering from Anemia.

    It is very important to include this food in diet as, its copper content helps to cure Dysentery and Diarrhoea. Seems to be simple but this is one of the miraculous fruit; isn’t it!

  6. Sweet Lime –

    sweet lime fruit
    sweet lime fruit

    It is also known as ‘’Mosambi’’ which is a citrus fruit. This tree easily grows on Tropical areas and starts bearing fruit at 5-7 years old. It has also many other common names too like; Persian Lime, Musambi, Sweet limetta etc. As belonging to lemon category this fruit is rich in Vitamin C.

    This yellowish-greenish fruit is rich in Vitamin B5, B6, B9, Sodium, Potassium and many other dietary fibers. Not only used as fruit this also has many other uses. Extraction of this gives many lime oil that is used in perfumes; also used in cleansing products.

    Sweet lime is also used in Aromatherapy because of its sweet pleasant fragrance. Lime is also an essential ingredient in cocktails. Its regular intake gifts healthy and strong hairs. Mosambi is less in calorie as just 43 calories per 100 gm.

    In dermal cases also it has a great influence like it helps in body odor and sweat cure; also it replenishes the facial glow if used as a scrub. It aids digestion, cures constipation, provides multivitamins to a pregnant woman, boosts immune system and maintains eye health.

  7. Pomegranate-

    pomegranate fruit for health
    pomegranate fruit for health

    It is a miraculous fruit rich in Iron that contains 3 times more antioxidants than Green tea that helps to reduce the risks of cancer. It is one of the oldest known fruit that was originated in Persia. Its brilliant bloody red color contains a lot of ferrous in it that is best cure of Anemia.

    Pomegranates are very good for heart as it contains Phyto- Nutrients and also reduces bad LDL cholesterol. It also prevents strokes, atherosclerosis and heart attacks.

    A recent survey study has shown that Pomegranates are also capable in preventing and curing Leukemia, tumors growth, breast cancer and many more. Pomegranate contains 54 calories per 100 gm of it.

    The purely extracted juice of pomegranate is no more less than itself Nectar. It contains health promoting compound like Iron, Polyphenols, minerals etc.

  8. Mango-


    Also known as “King of Fruits”, mango is just like a complete package of wholesome nutrients. India is the topmost producer of mangoes in the world than China, Thailand, Indonesia, Pakistan, Brazil and many.

    It is one of the best liked fruit during summers. Mangoes are rich in Carbohydrates, Vitamin A, Folate, Vitamin B-6, Vitamin K and Potassium. It also contains Copper, Calcium, and Iron, antioxidants like Zeaxanthin and beta- carotene.

    Many studies have shown that mangoes decrease the risk of obesity, heart diseases, diabetes, gifts a healthy skin and hairs. It also reduces the signs of ageing, prevents asthma, increases bone health.

    Mangoes are like key to a good health. So it is must for every individual to add at least a Mango everyday as a part of diet.

  9. Litchi

    pink litchi fruit
    pink litchi fruit

    It is also known as, “Queen of Fruits”. This juicy, pulpy and tempting fruit is full of health wonders in it. The litchi is cultivated in Sri Lanka, China, Bangladesh, Nepal, India and parts of Southern Africa. Litchi tree is a evergreen tree but ripens fruits mainly in summers.

    It grows in clusters and its outer layer turns to pink when it is fully ripe. Litchi contains 66 calories per 100 gm. Litchi consists of no saturated Fats or cholesterol. But on other hand, it richly contains Dietary Fibers, Vitamins and Anti- oxidants in it.

    Studies have shown that “Oligonol” which is low molecular weight polyphenol is abundantly present in litchi fruit. Oligonol contains anti- oxidants and anti-influenza virus actions. It also improves the blood circulation and protects body from free radicals.

    It is also a very good source of B-complex vitamins such as ; thiamin, niacin, folates and so on. Litchi contains copper too that increases the production of red blood cells in body.

    Hence, we can say that this Fruity Queen is full of health development benefits.

So these were the health benefits of fruits. Fruits are liked by all. In addition, it is also rich and packed with nutrients.

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