Steaming vs Boiling; Are you cooking your baby’ food in the right way?

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Porridges, sago, dalia, dal khichdi, vegetable puree and all other baby food preparations requires the steaming process. Somehow, we are using the boiling method which is not wholly good for health of the tiny ones. Hey guys, today we will be telling you the right way to cook baby’s food

This article will cover the following topics-

  • Difference between steaming and boiling

  • Boiling and softening food in olden days

  • Which one is better; boiling or steaming

  • Bad effects of boiling 

  • What can be the alternative

So let’s proceed. Many of you must be thinking the post as normal and uninformative one. But only a mother will understand the importance of the topic and how it can be helpful for your child.

What is the difference between steaming and Boiling?

When you pressure cook potatoes for aalu parathas, its called Boiling it. Whereas when you steam Idlis, its called the Steaming process.

Still confusing! Why we use pressure cookers? As it cooks the food fast and softens hard things like yam, potatoes, pulses, rice easily.

When you directly boil something in the pressure cooker, its called boiling it. Whereas when you put some vessel like the bowl with the food into it its called Steaming method. Both are almost same but has huge differences.

How was food cooked in olden days?

‘Old is Gold’! This is the line which goes with everything. Same as with cooking food in our grandma’s times. Cooking food was a big thing, as they used to cook in earthen chulhas, with the burning flames of wood and cow dung cakes beneath it.

They just used earthen vessels and pots to cook food, later on, copper, iron, and steel came into existence. They used to cook dal, rice everything in the same pot which took a lot of time and patience as well.

Which is better; Boiling or Steaming?


Steaning food in right way
Steaming food in the right way

In the busy schedule of today’s generations, we have to opt for these fast cooking methods. According to experts and researches were done, it has been proved that steaming food is the much healthier option than boiling it.

Although we can’t put all the food articles in the steaming method. But of course, for the baby food, we should opt for this method. It may make you feel little new, but it will have no difference in the taste and you will be satisfactory to choose best for your little angel.

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Bad effects of Boiling:

boiling of vegetables

As we said, you can undoubtedly go for the steaming method in the cooking of baby food. Now let us tell you what can be the bad effects of boiling the food

  1. Pressure cook of the baby food takes half of its nutrients, as it is not cooked; it is just pressurized to get soft.
  2. Aluminum has bad effects on health and regular usage of pressure cooker may lead to future health problems in tiny babies.
  3. When you boil the food, the remaining water is thrown away which actually contains most of the nutrients in it.

How to steam the food?

From now onwards, whenever you need to prepare porridges, soups, dalia, khichdi, boiled veggies etc, go with the steaming process. Let us tell you how to steam the food. Let us suppose you have to cook sweet potato porridge for the baby.

  • Take a plain steel bowl and put, chopped sweet potato, a cup of milk and 5-6 raisins into it.
  • Now take a pressure cooker and put 3 cups of water and boil it.
  • As it comes to put, slowly put the bowl over it so it doesn’t sink.
  • Cover the lid and in medium flame cook for about 2 whistles.
baby food
baby food

What will you get after steaming?

You will get the cooked potatoes combined with milk and raisins. If you want sweeter, put a teaspoon of jaggery into it. For a fine consistency, use a hand blender to blend the food or grind in a mixer grinder.

Doing this will keep you away from the harmful microparticles of the aluminum vessel.

Hope you find this post useful. Share this with all your friends and relatives and do share your comments with us. Take care and live well!

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