5 Health benefits of Blueberries which should be known to all

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Bueberries comes under the category of berry fruit and is highly nutritious. Today we will be talkng about 5 very common health benefits of blueberry.

Appearance of blueberry:

Blueberries are the indigo-colored berry fruit that is round shaped and highly nutritious. Blueberry turn blue when fully ripe; it can be orange, whitish- yellow or olive green when raw or not fully matured. Blueberry fruit is obtained from the bell-shaped flowers.


Classification of Blueberry:

These are the fruit from the shrub plant belongs to the same class of strawberry, cranberry and blackberry. Blueberry belongs to the kingdom plantae and ‘ericaceae’ family. The binomial nomenclature of blueberry is “Vaccinium angustifolium”.

How are these used?

blueberry jam
blueberry jam

Blueberry rank second among all the berries. It is a good nutritional supplement that is very delicious. It has colloidal white colored pulp.

This very fruit is consumed through many ways like it can be eaten raw, used in desserts, baked, used in jellies, jams, pies, muffins and so on.

Chile, Uruguay, Netherlands, Sweden, Canada, Florida, Turkey are some of the major export countries of blueberry. These little fruits are rich in nutritional elements like Vitamin A, C, E, K, Calcium, Niacin, Iron, Zinc, dietary fibers and many more.

Being yummy and sweet-tangy, blueberry is also the treasure of health benefits.

blueberry plants
blueberry plants

Now let us see the health benefits of Blueberries.

Health benefits of Blueberry:

1. Contains anti-aging properties-

Blueberry is the super food rich in anti-aging benefits. This fruit is rich in antioxidants thus keeps your skin young and radiant.

You must have observed, almost all the beauty cosmetics contains the essence and extracts of blueberries.Face washes, face packs etc all contains at least few percentage of berries in it.

Blueberries detoxify your body from inside thus erasing all the pre-matured and aging signs. Beside all these, blueberries contain carotene and niacin that are majorly responsible for physiological purification.

Everyone should eat at least 5-6 blueberries daily in order to gain caliber for soft and supple skin. Eating blueberry keeps your body away from free radicals and avoid cell damaging.

Every youngster should add blueberry in their daily diet so that when they cross the age of 30s; their skin retains moisture and looks juvenile.

Blueberries are good for all age-groups and are a very necessary part of everyone’s diet.

2. Stabilizes cholesterol and prevents obesity-

Blueberry is a marvelous fruit to stabilize your cholesterol level. It has been proved; blueberries rejuvenate your faulty genes. It also decreases the secretion of HMG-CoA, which is an enzyme mostly responsible for the formation of cholesterol in body.

Blueberries are capable to absorb the cholesterol from your body and clearing it. Blueberries are rich in dietary fibers thus contains very less amount of calories. Those suffering from obesity, blueberries are best fruit for them.

3. Aids in urinary disorder-

UTIs that is Urinary Tract Infections is very common in women. Blueberries are the best remedy to cure all these. Blueberries stabilize your bowel movement and keep your excretory system healthy.

Actually, long-term presence of UTIs can result in serious kind of ailments even much severe than that. Blueberries contain a compound called ‘proanthocyanidins’ that helps to rescue bacteria from entering into urinary tract.

Blueberries have the caliber to flush out harmful microbes present in urinary system preventing all kinds of nephrology diseases.

4. Strengthens your digestive system-

Blueberries are rich in digestive enzymes that aids in your proper digestion of food. Raw blueberries are the best and prevents diarrhea, constipation, dehydration and so on.

The antacid property of blueberry helps in smooth digestion of food stuffs. These small berries are rich in sodium, potassium, copper, fructose and various other acids that move your food smoothly through gastrointestinal system.

It also stimulates the correct amount of gastric juices thus stabilizing your digestion more effectively.

5. Prevents cancer

Blueberries are very good for preventing carcinogens (cancer causing pathogens) from your body. This tiny fruit contains Anthocyanins; that is a miraculous element against cancer causing cells.

These berries contain a very special antioxidant called ‘pterostilbene’ that has cancer fighting properties in it. Blueberries are the rich source of niacin, dietary fibers, catechins, quercetin, flavonoids, ellagic acid and carotenoids. These are very good to cure and prevent cancers.

Blueberry help in fighting cancer by making a defense against oxygen molecules or free radicals.

So here we came to know about the miraculous benefits of tiny blueberries. Most of us think and has a mentality; how can fruits prevent serious ailments? Fortunately, it is a true thing.

Nature has gifted us many elements that can increase our longevity. Just we need to have the correct vision to identify them. So guys, respect your vast biodiversity and nature.

Our nature played a major role in transforming homosapiens into well-matured human beings. Our developed civilization is the renovated form of Stone Age only. So friends, respect your nature.

Hope you like the post. Share it to all and do not forget to leave a comment below. Take care and live well!

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