Remove Excess heat and disease from body with- Jala Neti

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Neti is the process, of cleansing your body through different methods. It is one of the six purification methods in Hatha Yoga. Today we will be talking about Jala Neti, which has several benefits.

What is Jala Neti?

Jala Neti

Jala Neti

Jala Neti, or a process carried with water is the cleansing method which uses saline water. In this, the water is passed from one nostril to another which results in several curative effects.

Diseases cured with Jala Neti:

The neti is carried to cure several disorders and distresses. Let us see the diseases cured through this-

Now let us see, how to carry out the process of Jala neti.

Steps for Jala Neti:

Neti pot

Neti pot

  1. Add 10 gm rock salt in one liter of water, heat to make it lukewarm and pour into the vessel used for neti.
  2. Put the pipe of the vessel in the right nostril and  keep the left nostril, slightly lowered.
  3. Open the mouth slightly and breath through the mouth.
  4. The water will start flowing, out of the left nostril on its own.
  5. Do the similar thing with other nostril.

Timing of Neti:

Morning hours are the suitable time for neti. In case of a particular disease, it can be done twice a day.

Things to know before doing Jala Neti:

  • Those suffering from coryza and and catarrh should do it with lukewarm salted water only.
  • Those who do not have phlegm, should start with warm water then normalize the  water temperature.
  • After Neti, kapalbhati pranayama should be done so that any water droplets, stuck into air sacs will come out.

In this way we saw the procedure and things about Neti. If you are also eager of doing this, then must consult a yoga instructor. Never go without any expert’s supervision.

Hope you like the article! Share it to all and do share your experiences with us. Take care and live well!

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