5 Superfoods must to be included in everyone’s diet

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Superfoods are the food which provide you energy and lots of nutrients. There are many foods which can be  categorized as the superfood. Let us talk about 5 superfoods which is must for everyone.

Today’s graph of health:

Health has become one of the major problems for the present world. The reason is this thing is very common to neglect your health.

health status in todays world
health status in todays world

It is a well known fact; it doesn’t matters how much busy your schedule is, but it is very wrong to neglect your health in all these.
We consume those food stuffs that are liked by our tongue not our stomach. We all like and prefer to have fries, chips, wafers, pastries and pizzas.

These are the elements that act like termites to our body that makes us ill and sick. Not only this, now-a-days we are so busy in our schedule that we don’t get time for our health.

This case is appropriate for women. They are liable for all the responsibilities; at home as well as at workplace. They have to prepare meals, take care of family, kids and finally whole day brain exercise at office.

All the 24 hours get exhausted in these works only. They don’t have enough time to look at their diet plans and their workouts. The result of these avoidance and carelessness are seen when they cross their adult age and reaches to the senescent age.

When we reach to the age of senescence, our body is not capable to acquire enough energy and hence we get prone of health disorders.

What can be done?

The best way to prevent these age disorders is to have a proper balance between social life and your health. You must be careful about what you eat, what is the type of schedule? Do you get ample exercises and so on?

The future disorders can also be prevented to a great extent by the addition of superfoods to your diet.

superfoods for health

What are Superfoods?

Super foods are the food stuffs that are rich in health benefits and have many medicinal values too. Including these stuffs in your diet makes your body healthy, fit and ever glowing.

Today we will be telling you about 5 superfood, which everyone must include in their diet.

5 Superfoods for a Healthy life:

  1. Cereals-

    Rice, ragi, wheat, oats are some of the example of cereals. Cereals are one of the major nutritious kinds of food. These consists almost 60% of our diet.


    healthy cereals
    healthy cereals

    Chapatti, flakes, popcorn all are made from cereal itself. Cereals are rich in dietary fibers, phosphorus, protein, carbohydrates, minerals and many other macro and micro kind of nutrients.

    Especially in India, cereals such as rice, oats, and wheat are used in daily basis. Indians intake 70% of their diet as cereals.

    Cereals are considered as the light food. Thus they not only provide us nutrients but also aids in digestion. Cereals are also good for preventing and curing the chances of diabetes, cancers and cardiac disorders. Cereals are very simple kind of edibles but have a lot of benefits in it.

  2. Soy protein-

    soy protein
    soy protein

    For vegetarians, soy food is no more than a miracle. As the name spells, soy foods are rich in protein that helps in muscle development. It is also rich in carbohydrates, lactose, minerals, enzymes and many other nutritious elements.

    It has equivalent amount of protein as Tofu and soya milk. As we know, protein is the essential component of our diet that helps to build muscles and rejuvenates the wear and tear of the body cells.

    Not only this, soya proteins are also very beneficial to prevent various ailments such as cardiac diseases, cholesterol problems, cancers, weakness, fatigue and so on.

    That is why; this soy food is considered as super food. With its abundance in health benefits soy food is really a treasure of health.

  1. Cranberry-


    This fruit belongs to the berry family and is also called ‘sour berry’. It is rich in Vitamin C, zinc, potassium, antioxidants, phytonutrients, manganese, Vitamin K, copper and many more. It is 2 times much healthier than strawberries and blueberries.

    Most of us are not aware of the benefits of cranberry that is why we all rarely prefer to eat cranberries. 8-10 cranberries are optimum for a good health.

    It is majorly known for its capability to cure urinary form of disorders. It also detoxifies your body and its phytonutrients helps to stabilize the pH level I your body.

    Cranberries are good to prevent stomach ulcers, kidney stones, cancers and many other ailments. This fruit also contains digestive enzymes that keep your digestive system fit and fine.

    These tiny, red colored fruits are the treasure of health. And this is the reason why it is categorized in ‘superfoods’.

  2. Water-

    healthy water drinking
    healthy water drinking

    As we all know, 80% of our body is made with water. Water is a universal solvent that is very essential for our body. It regulates the metabolism of our body and provides energy.

    Water is free from any king of calories that is why it is a good thing to control weight. 3 liters of water is good for your health. Water flushes out toxins from our body and thus prevents several kinds of ailments.

    Water refreshes our skin and keeps it glowing. A glass of warm water with few drops of lemon and honey is the best kick to start your day. Water is a colorless, odorless and tasteless liquid that is full of health benefits.

  3. Green vegetables

    green vegetables
    green vegetables

    All vegetables are good for our health. But green vegetables have a special position among the vegetables. Green vegetables are rich in nutritious elements and are considered as one of the healthiest food.

    Green vegetables are rich in nutrients like Iron, Vitamin A, K, B, C, and Calcium.

    The antioxidants present in green vegetables are very good for eyes. These not only enhance your vision but its lutein and zeaxanthin reduce the risk of eye ailments like cataracts and macular degeneration.

    Green veggies are rich source of beta-carotene and folate that reduce the risk of cardiovascular and neural diseases. These vegetables contains optimum water content thus makes your skin healthy and glowing.

So guys, these were some of the Superfoods. Super foods are the treasure of health thus it is very essential to include these food stuffs in your diet. Be healthy because “Health is Wealth”

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