5 Cool Foods to keep your Baby healthy during summers

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Summers are here and a big challenge for small babies and toddlers. Due to the changing weather they can get easily sick! With a correct diet and healthy lifestyle you can keep them fresh and comfortable during summers. Today we will telling you about some healthy summer foods which are must to give your child during summers.

Which kinds of food are preferable during summers?

Summer season demands foods that are high in fibers and low in fat. Your food should be mostly liquid, so that your body doesn’t suffers from water retention and stay hydrated.

Juices, water, buttermilk, fibrous foods etc are the need of a healthy body for summer.

Although, adults can however manage the beat of heat, but for kids its very tough. They can easily get affected to the weather and may suffer from heat rashes, boils, sunburns, itchiness, dehydration, loose motions and others.

Let us know about the foods which are must be kids during summers.

5 Healthy summer foods for kids:

1. Curd-

curd for summers

curd for summers

Here comes of the storehouse of lactic acid! Lactic acid is something that eases digestion and soothes bowel movements. Curd can be taken in many forms; lassi, buttermilk, whole curd and so on.

Regular intake of curd will help to keep the baby’s body cool and will act like the heat shield. You can also make different curd recipes.

2. Coconut water-

coconut water for summers

coconut water for summers

It is the boon for summers! For kids and adults, coconut water is best thing to keep your body hydrated in summers.

Packed with vitamins, minerals, enzymes and certain other nutrients it helps to regulate bowel movements, keeping digestion fit. It also has many other benefits in diabetes, wrinkled skin,  lethargy, drowsiness and many more.

3. Seasonal fruits:

seasonal fruits for summers

seasonal fruits for summers

During summers, you can offer seasonal fruits like cucumber, watermelon, grapes, oranges, mango, litchi etc to the kids. These are yummy and packed with all the nutrients that the developing body requires.

You can give them a bowl of fruit salad in afternoon or recipes made of fruits.

4. Mint-

mint leaves for healthy summers

mint leaves for healthy summers

If your baby mostly summers from gas and indigestion related problems, then today onwards include mint in their diet. Being cool in nature, it keeps the digestive system good and also avoids formation of gas.

You can give it in khichri,  daliya and in many other forms.

5. Jeera water-

During summers, the problem of heat strokes, body weakness, indigestion, loose stools etc are very common in kids. To avoid this, you can give  a cup of jeera (cumin) water reularly.

jeera water for summers

jeera water for summers

It helps to keep your body cool and maintain its pH balance. For summers it a great thing that can also be used by adults. By adding a pinch of black salt and powdered black pepper, you can make it much tastier and healthy too.

Hope this post was useful to you. In any kind of question or queries, do comment on our comment box. Do share the post in all the social medias and thanks for visiting the site.

Take care and live well!

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She holds a Bachelor Degree in Alternative Medicine and interested in Naturopathy.

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