Quick and Healthy meals for busy people

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Who doesn’t want to stay fit all the time? A fit and good-looking physique is a common desire of all. Slowly, with the passage of time, this willing is getting quite tougher to be successful. Today, 8 out of 10 are unhealthy and unfit; even if they are well by posture then; they might be suffering from internal weakness, stress or any kind of like that. What to be done now? Here, we are giving some diet and meal tips through which one can manage their chores and body equally.

A person can be said as complete fit only if he/she owns; physical, mental, social and spiritual fitness. All these finesses categories are seen rare in the present world. Those who own all these are always cheerful, happy, prosperous and healthy. Now, we will be talking about the factors which has resulted in a great change; fitness during the time of our ancestors and fitness for today. After that, we will be describing about easy and healthy meals which are highly required for busy persons.

Why the fitness graph decline gradually with the development of human minds?

This is one of the finest question which must be tickling your minds. It is said, when we get ways and equipments; then we go even better is the required field. But in the case of fitness, this thing has went little wrong. During the time of our grandparents, their were-no such machines, easy diets, equipments etc which might had made their lives easier. Still, they were so healthy and fit. Earlier, female disorders were negligible even when there was no such hospital and medical facility.

Today, we own all the facilities and equipments; still why we lack that perfect health? Why today, human life span has declined to 70-80 which is naturally made as 100! There is only one reason for all these questions. For instance, when we are supposed to clean clothes with bare hands; due to lack of any other option we go for it; as something is better than nothing. But after the invention of washing machines, only few are interested to clean their cloths using hands. This is the human nature; we all want relaxation and in this era; humans even deplete their health to get short-term rests.

Busy people in life
Busy people in life

How to achieve fitness with a busy schedule? 

Today, most of us are working. Especially, in the metropolitan cities 95% of people are working. They get very minimal time to look at their families, health and other. For them, even going for walks, gyms etc is not easy.  It becomes a very serious thing; when people having lots of capital are unable to rectify their own body. In such cases, they lacks mental peace and happiness. Talking about meals, they opt to ready-made items due to lack of time. Now, no need to rely on packaged and artificial food.

Our present topic talks the same. We will be describing certain low-calorie, easy-made, healthy and quick food items. In our list, we will be talking about both vegetarian and non-vegetarian stuffs.

Quick, easy and Healthy meals for busy people-

Easy and healthy meals
Easy and healthy meals

Have a look on the following food stuffs. These are easy to prepare, tasty and healthy too.

  1. 2 Chicken breasts, skinned, cubed and skewered. Brushed with yoghurt with some grilled garlic and served with lemon wedges. You can also add tomato and red onion to it for a better taste.
  2. 2 medium salmon fillets, brushed with ready-made pesto sauce; grilled and served with baby new potatoes or broccoli.
  3. A cup of basmati rice, cooked with curry spices and with poached eggs.
  4. Large bowl of mixed salad leaves, tossed with 4 slices of bacon grilled until crisp. Dressing with Olive oil, 1 teaspoon of whole grain mustard and sugar.
  5. Brown bean salad. 75gm cooked small broad beans with cubed feta cheese, mint leaves, chopped new potatoes. All cooked with a French style.
  6. Mushroom toast; slices of brown bread grilled with fresh field mushroom. Dressing with chopped garlic, mint, olive oil, freshly chopped coriander and Presley.
  7. Low sugar-salt tomato sauce baked with beans. Served with wholemeal bread with a little low-fat-spread and a small glass of orange juice.
  8. 300gm of pork fillet, sliced and stir-fried with prepared carrots, batons, broccoli, spring onion, sesame oil, soy sauce with 2 tablespoons of chicken stock and served with egg-thread noodles.
  9. Quick Lentil soup. In a pan heat 200 ml chicken stock with a drained can of green lentils, finely chopped onion and butternut squash. Add chopped thyme and cook or 30 minutes until the veggies are soft. Serve with bread toast.
  10. Flat omelette made in the non-stick frying pan using 4 brown eggs, chopped spring onion, tomatoes and mushroom. Use little butter to cook and also sprinkle little black pepper and salt if needed.
  11. If you are in hurry, there is nothing best than fruits and raw vegetables. Take a large bowl of sliced fruits and vegetables like cherries, strawberries, apples, carrots, cucumber, parsley, pear, orange pods, green apples etc.
  12. A glass of strawberry shake with a few slices of brown bread and a little bit of buttering over it.
  13. Half boiled eggs dressed with chopped cilantro, black pepper and rock salt with a glass of orange juice.
  14. Fresh vegetable soup cooked with vegetables, little corn flour, salt, vinegar and little bit of chilli sauce.
  15. A cup of skimmed milk mixed and rushed with a chappati, a banana and 1 laddu. It will keep your stomach full and it one of the healthiest breakfast.

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