Go natural with homemade all-purpose cleaner and how it works

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Markets are full of attractive, fragrance and colourful cleaners. They are available in different brands, each one describing its own specialities.

Normally, a 500 ml bottle of disinfectant cleaner costs about 50-70 rupees in Indian currency.

Why market available cleaner is not good for you?

They may be so fragranced, they may be so colourful; but the final result is they are not a bit for you and your friendly home as well!

Market available cleaners are full of chemicals, sometimes you may also observe their suffocating nature and harsh smell. In addition, if you have small babies in your home then you should immedietely stop these as their harshness can be bad for their tender skin and should not be used.

market available cleaning things
market available cleaning things

What can be the alternative cleaner then?

Let’s go back into the days of our grandmothers! Neither Lizol nor Colin was available in their periods, but still floors, ceramics and wardrobes used to shine like anything.

How? They used to use natural ingredients as the cleanser, which did’nt cost a penny and alll the things were available at home itself.

How to make All purpose Homemade cleaner?

It is very easy to prepare and all under the budget. Let’s see the ingredients required for this.

  • Camphor (raw form)- 2 tablespoons
  • Baking soda or sweet soda- 2 tablespoons
  • White vinegar- 500 ml
  • Rock salt- 4 tablespoons
  • Water- 600 ml

How to make the cleaner?

  • Take a wide mouth bottle. Make sure we are going to make more than a litre of cleaner, so you should take the bottle as per.
  • First put baking soda, salt and vinegar into it. You will see the fizz which shows the reaction, making the cleanser.
  • Using a pestle, crush the camphor into pieces and put along with water into the bottle.
  • Now put the lid and all these a good mix. Let it stay for overnight or 6-8 hours.
  • Camphor will take time to dissolve but will give a very nice fragrance and disinfecting effects.

How to use this All-purpose cleaner?

For floor mopping, just put cups of cleaner into a bucket of water and mop the floor with it.

For cleaning wardrobes and cupboards, use it as the spray and clean the area with soft cloth.

You can also preserve it in spray bottle and use as per need.

Now we will tell you how this cleaner actually works! How it is the dirt-cutter and cleans even the toughest stains on tiles and marbles.

How does All-purpose cleaner works?

The ingredients present in it are all the big enemy of stains and dirts! They are acidic in nature and inhibits the growth of any single-celled or molds in the surrounding,

Now the weather the getting misty and full of moisture, that is arrivals of monsoon. It is the right temperature for the growth of infections and fungus all around. This cleaner is going to be your helping hand, to keep you and your family away from monsoonal issues.

We will be describing the efficiency of ingredients, which will explain how this all-purpose cleaner works.

Baking Soda-

baking soda
baking soda

It is the most important ingredient here. Baking soda is not just used for cooking, but has various germicidal effects. It cleanses oil stains and is best for tiles cleaning. You can also apply a paste of baking soda and water on the tiles,to get rid of oil stains.


raw camphor uses
raw camphor uses

Since from ages, camphor is known for it anti-microbial and antibiotic actions. The smell of camphor keeps away free microbes and inhibits their growth. It also attracts positive nergy to your home.

Rock salt-

rock salt for cleaning
rock salt for cleaning

Rock salt is mostly mixed with water to clean the stains. In Vastu, it is also said as the negativity remover. For cleaning purpose too, rock salt is considered as the best.



A mix-up of vinegar with soda, makes an efficient cleaner. It gets into concentrated form to clean all the stains. One can also use Apple Cider Vinegar, for a nice fragrance for the cleaner.

In this way we saw how this all-purpose cleaner is best for cleaning and all under the budget. It will cost you very less as compared to tthe cleaners you get from markets.

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