5 Health Benefits of Black Gram and its curative properties

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Black gram also called ‘urad ki dal’ in Hindi, is a highly nutritious and prized pulses of India. It has numerous health benefits, out of which today we will be talking 5 benefits.

In India, pulses, lentils etc are given first priority in food section. Rice with dal; is considered as the best food thing. Let us talk about Black gram.

Appearance of Black gram:

whole black gram
whole black gram

The plant is erect, sub-erect or trailing one. It is densely haired annual herb. It bears pods which are narrow, cylindrical and grows up to 6 cm long. Black gram is said as the most nutritious of all pulses.

Botanical name- Phasleolus mungo
Indian name- Urad

Where it is grown?

plant of black gram
plant of black gram

It is known to be originated in India, where it has been cultivated from very ancient times. Although it is grown throughout Asia, Africa and western India; but it is most important in India.

How it is used?

cooked black dal
cooked black dal

Black gram is used in different ways, some of which are given below-

  • It is splitted into two, and used as dal in different dishes.
  • The green pods are eaten as vegetables, and are extremely healthy.
  • The outer covering of the gram is used as fodder for cattle.

View from Health:

Black gram is rich in fibres, protein, vitamins, minerals and different trace metals. Its calorific value is 347 per 100 gms of edible portion. It is an aphrodisiac and nervine tonic.

split black gram
split black gram

Now we shall be talking about the health benefits of Black gram. As we all know; grams, pulses, lentils all are the deposits of huge health.

We all know that these are healthful, but only few knows that it has some curative/medicinal properties too. Let’s have a look to this.

Health benefits of Black gram:

1. Aids in Diabetes

This very lentil is very good for diabetics. Germinated black gram should be taken, regularly with a cup of fresh bitter gourd juice.

Continuing this regularly, will prevent certain complications that may arise due to malnutrition in diabetic patients. The patient should limit carbohydrate diet and all sugary items.

2. Treats Nervous disorders-

If you are suffering from any sort of nervous disorders like nervous weakness, insomnia, weak memory or hysteria then this lentil is going to be your super friend. Include a cup of sprouted gram, followed with half boiled egg. Take this in your daily diet.

3. Good for Hair problems-

First of all, if you are loosing your hair a lot or getting in wrong quality then include black gram in diet. In addition, you can also apply the mask of black gram paste. Just give it a little boil, mash and prepare a paste.

4. Treats Digestive disorders-

Do you notice indigestion, acidity or such cases in regular intervals? If so, then include black dal in your diet. Also, prepare a decoction of it and take daily. This will strengthen your digestive system, maintaining the digestive property.

5. Good for overall health-

Take whole grams and soak in water for 6-8 hours. Then make sprouts of it. Make a salad of it and eat as your mid-breakfast, it is valuable for good health. Being free from junk items, it will enhance your body buildup easily and frequently.

There are several contradictions too for Black gram, let us see this.

Restrictions for Black gram:

1. Excessive use of gram can cause flatulence. To prevent it, you can add some asafoetida, pepper or ginger in the preparation.

2. It should not be taken by those who are easily predisposed to rheumatic diseases and urinary calculi.

3. It contains high concentration of oxalic acid, which is not safe for rheumatic patients.

In this way we saw the health benefits and other description of Black gram. Till now you must be using it, so it is a kind of general knowledge for all.

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