How to apply Eyeshadow for Trendy and beautiful eyes

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Eye makeup can redefine your look and makes it look fabulous. In Eye makeup, eyeshadow is the prime thing. Today we will be telling you about eyeshadow and how it suits on different skin tones.

Nature has gifted us two eyes for a perfect view and good look. Eyes are the medium that conveys love, sadness, grief, sorrow, excitement, thrill, happiness and many other emotions.

Eyes are considered as the mirror of human brain; what we think, what we feel all are expressed through the eyes. Eyes are the organs that are always true!

In workplace, interviews, professional meetings, parties, colleges; eyes are the medium through which you can either grow your personality or can destroy it. Nowadays, eye makeup is considered as the trendy fashion and a way for a better look. In the makeup procedure, eye makeup ranks the first.

Actually, if your eyes are beautifully designed then it has the ability to cover all the minor defects on your face. Beautiful toned eyes resemble a fine and good-natured personality.

For eye makeup kajal is the main cosmetic; it makes your eyes look pretty and big. After that many other cosmetics are available like eye liners, mascara, eye pencil and many others.

beautiful eyes with eyeshadow
beautiful eyes with eyeshadow

Here we will be talking about ‘Eyeshadow’.

What is Eyeshadow and how it enhances the beauty?

As the rising sun has a bloomy tint of fluorescence behind it similarly for a complete eye makeup; eye shadows are compulsory. It gives a fresh and glamorous look to your eyes making it lively.

The most common and easy eye shade is ‘pink’. Most of use this shade itself; but as the world is full of colorful shades; similarly there are many shades present for your gorgeous eyes.

Different shades of Eyeshadow:


Teenagers, adults and mid-senescent; everyone are fond of eye shadows. It makes your makeup complete. But it is not good to use a single color; using an eye shadow depends on the color, age and look of the person.

Just imagine; mountains are blue and rivers are green! Is this a good contrast? Similarly for a good-look; makeup should be in best contrast.

Correct Eyeshadow for different skin tones:

  • The basic thing to apply eye shadow is its technique; use a lightshade on the middle and as per its contrast use one tone darker shade on the corners. This will highlight your beauty.
  • If you have big eyes; then use one shade of pastel shade and if you have small eyes then you can use two shades.
  • For blue eyes, you can use either brown or pink shades. In addition, you can apply a coat of brown eyeliner. This will beautify your eyes in a simple yet gorgeous way.
  • If you have brown eyes, then you can use any shade. For some auspicious occasions, you can use shimmery violet, blue or green shades.
  • If you have a fair complexion then use lighter shades like pink, purple, burgundy, sky blue or any other. You can also use black shade for a smoky look.
  • For dab complexions; light yellow, chocolaty shade or peach shade. For a radiant look, you can even use golden or shimmery shadow.
  • Green eyes are rare; even if you posses it then silver, blue, chocolaty brown are the best shades for it. In addition, you can use some matte lipstick for a good look.
  • Try to use lesser amount of color on the brush; as while applying it will be easy and no color mess will take place.
  • Use white shadow on the corners; this will beautify your eyes and is applicable for small eyes.
  • After applying nude shadow, use shimmery particles over it. Being simple it will give you an elegant look.

Eyes are the gift of nature and beautiful eyes gives you an angelic look. A correct eye makeup will multiply your beauty.

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