Is it safe to apply Kajal on Newborn baby eyes

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In many parts of world, applying Kajal on newborn’s eyes is widely practiced. It has been practiced since from immemorial times. Is Kajal good for your baby eyes? Today we will be finding answer to this question.

In India specially in Hindu culture, there is a trend as well as old age practice to apply surma on baby eyes. There are several reasons specified to it.

Today we will be having a look on, what science says and what we think. After that we will be reaching to the consequence, is it safe for the baby or not.

kajal on baby eyes
kajal on baby eyes

What Science says about applying Kajal?

This is a black colored wax kind of thing, which is prepared using several ingredients as well as chemicals. Kajal manufactured in markets, contain numerous chemicals in it which is not safe for baby use.

Baby’s eyes should be kept free from such kind of things. These are not recommended for babies. Using these can lead to watery eyes, itchiness, pus formation and can even damage the cornea.

What our elders says about applying Kajal?

This is a very popular saying, that applying kajal ward off evil energies and keeps baby safe from evil eyes. It also cleanses the eyes and takes out all dirt from the eyes.

It also makes the eyes look bigger. Not only in eyes, elders also put Kajal on the eye surroundings, palm and forehead of  the baby.

Trapped between science and tradition! Well, there is always a way. I agree that surma available in market contain chemicals in it. So for newborns and infants, prepare black surma at home.

What’s say! Isn’t it a brilliant idea.

Surma can also be prepared at home. It only requires fewer things like a earthen lamp, mustard or castor oil, The picture given below will describe it how.

homemade kajal preparation
homemade kajal preparation

It is fully natural with no chemicals added in it. It also has antibacterial properties in it, which cleanses your baby eyes. Instead of market available surma, you can use this.

So debate completed between tradition and science! Hope you like the post. Share it to all and do share a comment below. Take care and live well!

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