How to make your hair long, strong and black naturally

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Every girl wants to own silky, long, manageable and smooth hairs. Hairs are regarded as the crown of our head. Not only because it just increases your look and makes you glamorous but also; your hairs defines your mood and expressions. You must have observed, when we are jolly and happy; then your hairs also turns smooth and fluffy. Here, our concerned topic is; natural tips for long, black and strong hairs. After all, this is the very wish of every girl.


Who don’t want to turn their hairs beautiful and strong. It not only acts as a personality enhancer but also makes you feel good. Bald skull, white hairs, damaged hairs etc all are like the black spot for an attractive personality. Here, we will be talking how to make your hairs black, strong and long naturally. But, before moving to this; we will be first discussing about the common hair problems and their causes.

Causes of Hair problems:-

With the advancement of technologies and world, certain techniques and methods have been discovered. With all these things; pollution, stress, work load, anxiety has also raised a lot. Directly or indirectly, these all factors slowly deplete our physique specially the hairs and the skin. For instance, check the texture and quality of hairs of your grand mothers; you will find them much stronger and smoother even in such an older age. This major difference is due to the difference in diet, lifestyle and environmental conditions.

Some of the common hair problems seen are split ends, hair fall, baldness, premature greying, rough and frizzy hairs etc. 8 out of 10 girls suffers from such problems. This not only affects them physically but also makes them stressed mentally. For the treatment of such, we opt to some cosmetics, shampoo, hair spa, dyes and many more. As a fact, they replenish your hair beauty for some times but devastates them permanently. With the regular usage of these, your hairs looses its real and natural shine.

Natural Remedies for Black, long and strong hairs:-


Girls, lets march towards nature bliss again for the replenishment of frizzy and damaged hairs. Nature offers us a wide range of benefits and effective remedies; it is affordable and valid for everyone and the best part is having minimal or no side effects. Here, we will be giving you some small and easy tips in different sections; so that everyone gets benefits. We will be dividing our curing tips in 4 sections;

  1. Acupressure and Exercising
  2. Diet Remedy
  3. Oil and Applications
  4. Daily lifestyle

We will be discussing each very topic in detail. This is for the convenient of users and the readers even. This will make it easier to follow and to understand. so lets proceed-

  • Acupressure and Exercising:-

Exercise is something which tones up your body and improves your blood circulation; when blood flow is improved then the hair growth gets treated and other problems too gets healed;

  1. Use your index fingers to press either sides of your nostrils. Massage for 5 minutes. It will fled away your stress and will even make your hairs soft and shiny.
  2. The mid upper point of skull is also the acupressure point; using your thumb press it 10-20 times. It will recharge the nerves and will help in hair growth.
  3. The either sides of skull should also be massaged regularly for maximum benefits. It is beneficial for hair growth.
  4. The tips of index finger and little finger should be pressed 10-20 times. Same should be repeated with toes.
  5. Meditation is a good remedy to keep away stress; hence it is a proved remedy for hair growth and shiny hairs.
  6. Minor exercising for 15-30 minutes is a good remedy.
  • Diet Remedy:-

Diet plays an important role in the curing of diseases or defects. If one is strict and disciplined with diet intake and timing then; as a fact the guys can never suffer from any disease or disorder. Here, we will be telling you some diet tips for a long, strong and healthy hairs.

  1. Firstly, try to avoid extra oily food from your diet; as much as possible go with pure mustard oil instead of refined oils.
  2. Your diet should be rich in fruits, vegetables, buttermilk, nuts, water etc.
  3. For adults; 3-4 litres water is ample. This hydrates your body and revitalize your scalp; hence ensures for strong and silky hairs.
  4. White flour, artificial sweetener, white sugar etc must be avoided; as these can lead to long-term hair problems.
  5. Sprouts are the excellent and easy way to make your hairs strong and shiny.
  6. Milk and milk products are must; being rich in calcium it makes your hairs strong and shiny.
  7. Vegetable and fruit juices must be included in diet.
  8. Raw green vegetables ensures for healthy, black and shiny hairs.
  • Oil and Applications:-

Outer remedy also works really well especially in the case of hairs. Here, we will also be discussing about some of these applications;

  1. For Black and strong hairs, take 15-20 curry leaves and cook it in 2 cups of coconut oil; you can even use oil like mustard oil or olive oil. Cook till the leaves gets black. Cool down and strain the oil; store in an airtight bottle. Apply this oil on scalp twice a week.
  2. After head massage; take a towel and dip in a bucket of hot water. Now squeeze the water out and tie this towel on head for 5-10 minutes. The moisture and heat will tighten your hairs and will moisturise the scalp. During winters, don’t repeat this during night-time.
  3. You can even use henna pack. Take a cup of henna powder with 2 tablespoon of curd and mix with tea water. Apply this as a hair pack and wash after 20 minutes. Repeat this for once a month. This will ensure you silky and healthy hairs.
  4. Take 1 mug water with 2 teaspoon of lemon juice and 2 teaspoon white vinegar in it. Rinse your hairs with this; this will make your hairs smooth and shiny naturally.
  5. Take orange pulp with lemon juice. Using your hands apply this on hairs and scalp. THis will mae your hairs smooth and strong.
  6. To avoid premature greying of hairs, take 1 egg white with lemon juice and aloe gel. Mix them well and apply on hairs. This is one of the best and effective remedy.
  • Daily lifestyle:-

Lifestyle and Daily routine plays a vital role to decide your body texture and ist functioning. Earlier, the lifestyle was very easy and soothing one; that is why that time most of the people were healthy and well-being. Here, we will be giving some tips which can be the key for your silky, strong and beautiful hairs;

  1. Many people likes to spent most of time in sleeping and chilling; but it’s not the right way. You should have a perfect routine with all the works embedded in it.
  2. Frustration and stress should have no place in your life; try to stay happy nd hopeful always.
  3. Give some time for your hobby works and recreation activities; as it is seen most of us gets busy in works and duty only. Actually, this makes us feverish and ill for future references.
  4. Have some hobby and co-curricular activities even.

So, these were some of the natural remedies for silky, strong nd black hairs. All of them are eco-friendly and free from side effects. The only thing now you need is; will power. Give your 100 percent and see the magic of nature and your will power. Go green and live well!


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