What is Kangaroo Care and how it works in Baby development

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Hey everyone, today my post is on the topic called ‘Kangaroo care’. It is a kind of baby care that strengthens the metabolism and development of small infants.

Small kids are like angels. When a new baby comes to our lives, our life becomes a very happy place. Even a small irritation in that baby makes us worried! Kangaroo care; many of you will be thinking what is it?

kangaroo with the baby
kangaroo with the baby

What is Kangaroo care?

Kangaroo care or skin-to-skin touch, is like hugging your baby providing them warmth and care. As you have seen, a kangaroo that is found in Australia has a natural pouch in which the baby kangaroo sits.

How does Kangaroo care helps?

Kangaroo care develops the baby both physically and mentally. This kangaroo care is all about how to care your baby in your own way so that the development becomes easy and regular.

According to the pediatricians, many infants are weak, their immunity system are very weak to protect them even from a minor form of disease.

kangaroo care
kangaroo care

For example, if a weak infant is not properly cared then a small cough can lead to pneumonia in them. These types of infants are underweight and bonny in appearance. So a special care should be provided to the kids so that as they grow they become healthy and fit.

How to go for Kangaroo care?

Following are some of the methods and tips that are mostly included in kangaroo care and help for the development of baby:-

  • During winters, usage of blower and room heater all the time; should be avoided to keep your baby warm. As, these appliances restricts the proper amount of oxygen and makes the breathing suffocation.
  • For infants, talcum powder should be used only to the abdomen otherwise the molecules of powder enters to their respiratory tract while breathing that leads to the chances of chemical pneumonia in them.
  • If the kid is premature then, make them feed in a regular interval of 2 hours, and if the kid is mature then a break of 3-4 hours can be given in feeding.
  • The immunity level in the infants and small kids are very low. So to keep them healthy vaccines like BCG, DPT, Poliomyelitis etc should be timely provided.
  • Hygiene environment is must for kids. A small baby needs a daily bath so that the chances of any kind of disorder are rescued.
  • While lifting or touching the baby, clean your hands properly. Also, the products and utensils for the baby must be sterilized and cleaned by boiled water.
  • After milk feeding, don’t make your baby directly lie down on bed. Keep the baby on your lap till they burp. After that make your baby properly sleep.

If you make your baby directly slept after feeding then the milk can come out of mouth and also because of suffocation milk can enter their lungs and respiratory tract that can be serious.

These were some of the methods and preventive measures, which can be used by the parents as well as guardians in order to care your child.

Although, handling and caring a new-born baby is not an easy task. So, have a keen vision on the caring techniques on your baby. Happy Parenting and stay well!

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