Asparagus Bush : 12 Amazing Health benefits

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We all know green vegetables are highly beneficial for health. Those greens which are derived from the stems, tips or trunk of the plant includes their own health values. Here, we will be talking about a vegetable cum herb which has multiple medicinal benefits too. It is called Asparagus.

Appearance of Asparagus:-

Asparagus as a vegetable
Asparagus as a vegetable

It is a thorny, bushy and climbing vine plant and bears tiny leaves in group which is in the shape of sickle and bent downwards. It also bears flowers which are 1-2 inch long, may be single or in bunches, bears pea-shaped fruits  which turns red when ripe. The root of the creeper has white long tuber which are edible and sold in market as ‘shatavari‘. The plant is cultivated mostly for its tender shoots, commonly known as spears. As a vegetable, it has great importance in diet because of its valuable salts, vitamins and cellulose content.

It is a perennial plant, with underground fleshy root-stock. The young shoots are eaten when it grows 6-15 cm high.

Nomenclature of Asparagus:-

English name- Asparagus
Hindi name- Shatavar, Shatavari
Sanskrit name- Narayani, Shatawari, Shatmooli, Indrivari etc
Telugu name- Pinna pichar, Challa Gadda
Kingdom- Plantae
Rank- Species
Family name- Liliaceae
Botanical name- Asparagus racemosus

Origin and Distribution:-

Growing Asparagus in bush
Growing Asparagus in bush

Asparagus is native to eastern Mediterranean lands and Asia Minor. The Romans cultivated the plant in 200 BC. In China, there are several wild species; the tuberous roots of some of which are used as food as well as in medicine. Now, Asparagus is an important crop,especially in Taiwan where the shoots are canned for export purpose.

Nutritional facts of Asparagus:-

Asparagus is a vegetable cum herb which is highly beneficial for health. Being green and in tuber form, it has lots of Dietary fibres, vitamins, minerals, trace metals, choline, beta-carotene, water etc in it. Following are the tables through which one can know its nutritive elements and the amount they are present.

Food Value of Asparagus-

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List of Vitamins and Minerals in Asparagus-

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Uses of Asparagus:-

Asparagus cooked with pasta
Asparagus cooked with pasta
  • Asparagus, being a herb it is widely used for medicinal purposes.
  • Some types of noodles and pasta demand tender asparagus as an ingredient for better taste and look.
  • Being low in calorie and sodium, it is highly recommended for patients related to blood pressure.
  • The shoots are prepared as a gravy and dry ingredient.
  • Asparagus is baked and used as a vegetarian salad.
  • It is boiled and steamed; cooked with cheese to prepare some lofty dishes.

Now, we shall be moving to the most concerned point of our topic i.e., Health benefits of Asparagus:-

Asparagus benefits on Health:-

Above, we came to know what are the nutritive elements and cooking styles of Asparagus. Now, we will be talking how this simple veggie or herb can be a potent medicine-

1. Cure for Headache

  • Pluck out the fresh root of Asparagus.
  • Now, extract its juice and mix equal amount of sesame oil in it and boil the solution.
  • Massage the head with this.
  • It cures Headache and Migraine.

2. Helpful in a cough-

  • Mix 1 gm of peepal powder in the decoction prepared by Asparagus.
  • Give this to the patient thrice a day.
  • It cures a seasonal cough too.

3. Treats Bronchial Asthma-

  • Take 1 part of Asparagus paste, 1 part ghee and 4 parts of milk.
  • Boil them together, till only the ghee is left.
  • Give this to the patient as required.
  • It treats Bronchial asthma and disorders related to Vata and Pitta.

4. Improves Lactation-

  • Make powder of Asparagus and give it 10 gm to the lactating mother.
  • Or, Grind asparagus with cow’s milk and give it to the lactating mother.
  • It increases the amount of milk production.
  • Asparagus should be included in the diet of a nursing mother.

5. Helpful in Night-blindness-

  • Cook the leaves of Asparagus with ghee.
  • Give this to the patient.
  • It cures night-blindness.

6. Cures Calculus-

  • Extract the juice of Asparagus.
  • Mix 20 gm of its juice in an equivalent amount of cow’s milk.
  • Give this to the patient.
  • It even cures the old stones.

7. Treats Wounds-

  • Take 20 gm leaves of Asparagus and make a paste of it.
  • Now, roast it in double amount of ghee and grind well.
  • Apply this paste on ulcers.
  • It cures even the infected and chronic ulcers.

8. Cures Sleeplessness

  • Prepare kheer of asparagus and add ghee to it.
  • Give this to the patient.
  • With a regular usage, it cures Sleeplessness.

9. Treats Hoarseness of Voice-

  • Give Asparagus mixed with sugar and honey to the patient.
  • It makes your voice sweeter and fluent.

10. Asparagus Cures Diarrhoea

  • Take asparagus and soak in water for an hour till it gets wet.
  • Grind it with milk and strain the milk.
  • Give this to the patient twice to thrice a day.
  • It cures Diarrhoea with bleeding.

11. The remedy for Urinary disorders-

  • Prepare a squash of Asparagus and Gokhru.
  • Give this to the patient as required.
  • It cures all types of Urinary disorders.

12. Treats Dysuria-

  • Make a decoction of Asparagus.
  • Mix honey and sugar to it and give to the patient.
  • It cures Dysuria.

In this way, we saw how this small herb cum vegetable can be a potent medicine. Free from side-effects but must be taken under the guidance of an expert. These are some of the Herbal Remedies which are affordable for everyone and is satisfactory too. So, take care and live well!

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