Top 5 Detox drink for rapid weight loss

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Nature has gifted us several elements in the form of herbs, fruits, flowers, spices, vegetables etc which can even do miracle if properly used. Many herbs and edibles are strongly meant to detoxify our body system. Detoxification is the process which means the removal of harmful and toxic materials from our body.

How toxic materials form in our body?

Now, a question arises; how actually such harmful and toxic substances gets deposited in our body? What are the mechanism of their formation? You must be knowing, Excess of everything is bad! There are many who consume food articles in excess amount which actually gets converted into toxins. Like, dry fruits are good for health; but what would happen if some consume it in very high amount. Instead of providing energy and nourishment, if will get fermented there and will result in disorders such as cholesterol problems, liver cirrhosis, kidney ailments, skin disorders and many more like that.

All these things contributes to Obesity; which is also a key factor for other major ailments. When a person is obese, he or she does not feel good in itself only. The body looks sluggish, lazy, unhealthy and like a huge gourd. There are many remedies to cure Obesity; like exercises, yoga, diet control, several Ayurvedic remedies and more. Solutions are already there, but in the busy life there are very less chances to follow such rules with concentration. Here, we are with some detox drinks which are quite easy to prepare and like a miracle itself.

Detox drinks are nothing but the normal drinking water infused with certain fruits and herbs which provides it the potential to cut extra fat from the body. They are quite tastier and if used in a regular basis, are very healthy and does miracles; making you slim and fit.

Fruit Infused Waters
Fruit Infused Waters

5 Detox drink for rapid weight loss: –

Detoxing is becoming a popular trend to lose weight rapidly. Detox drinks helps to flush out harmful toxins present inside the body and enable proper digestion and a healthy metabolism. It’s application with patience and regularity will definitely get you sorted. So, let’s look at these yummy and healthy drinks-

1. Lemon ginger detox drink-

Lemon ranks first among citrus group after Amla. It tastes sour, tart and sharp and is used in different forms. When it comes to fat reduction; lemon is highly beneficial. The citric acid and other minerals are the best ingredients to cut down fat. Take a glass of water and add 4-5 slices of ripe lemon, chopped inches of ginger and few leaves of mint. Stir well with a spoon and keep it in a bottle for 2 hours. You can also shake it at small intervals. After that, strain the solution and drink it. This shoudl be consumed once everyday, it really works well to slim-down your stomach. It is also a kind of Flat Tummy water.

2. Raspberry and mint infused water-

For a pink and perky dieting treat, this luscious mint detox water is a festively progressive selection.The antioxidants present in raspberries works really well to make your body slim and fit. The mint base shows that this brew means business. While the fruit goes to work by kicking out all unwanted biological agents, the mint leaves have a contrasting calming effect. The liquid tastes really yummy and tangy too. Yow will feel as you are having some dessert items. Berries are always known to have very fewer calories and numerous health promoting properties.

You can crush or chop the raspberries and to crush the mint leaves. Infuse them in water and shake well. Drink this when the mixture looks colloidal.

3. Cucumber and grapefruit water-

Cucumber which is known as one of the best ingredient to hydrate body; is very less in calories and also makes your body healthier. Grapefruit which is the pinkish-orange coloured citrus fruit is specialised to reduce body fat. These two inclusions add plenty of sweetness without resorting to the unnecessary contamination of artificial sugars. When these both active ingredients gets mixed together in water; makes the water as the nectar. You just have to put few slices of cucumber and pods of grapefruit in water for 3-4 hours and drink it afterwards.

4. Aloe water-

The main ingredient in this detox water is ‘Aloe vera’; which is also known as ‘Plant from heavens’. It is a multi-purpose and multi beneficial plant. It is used in almost all kind of disorders and treats really well. It is cool in nature and holds anti-bacterial, anti-microbial and analgesic kind of properties in it A household plant can be a perfect specimen for harvesting healing gel. The ooze can be gently extracted with a knife tip before being blended into lemon juice. Just take out the gel inside and mix with lemon water. Shake well and drink. It will taste little gluey but is very good to reduce fat.

5. Strawberry and kiwi infusion-

Everyone loves the taste of fruits; being tasty they are healthier too. The combination of these two fruits gives a very yummy texture and colour too.Strawberries are an excellent source of vitamins C and K as well as providing a good dose of fibre, folic acid, manganese and potassium. They also contain significant amounts of phytonutrients and flavonoids which makes strawberries bright red. Kiwi fruit The sweet fruit kiwi tastes like a combination of pineapple, banana and strawberry. Both of them are very beneficial and ranks in the top 5 to curb obesity. One should drink the water infused with both.

Detox waters are nothing but the infusion of fruits and other herbs in the water. These are excellent to curb obesity and works really well. Take care and live well!

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