Uproot Diabetes with these 5 changes in your Lifestyle

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Diabetes is a pancreatic disorder, which is nowadays very common among all. Many us thinks it us untreatable, and only be maintained with medicines! But this is not true. Today we will be telling you some of the changes in your daily life and diet, which will uproot the disease forever.

Types of Diabetes:

Diabetes mellitus is of two types; Type 1 and Type 2. In first case, the pancreas don’t produce enough insulin due to which blood sugar increases rapidly.

In type 2, the pancreas produces right insulin but the body is unable to synthesis it due to which the disease is caused.

Complications related to Diabetes:

Due to the rapid and continuous production of glucose in body, at first it sheds lots of weight, it is the startup actually!

Later on, if untreated it can give rise to complications of heart problems, digestive problems, malnutrition, low eyesight and many more.

In addition it also makes the body lean and weak. Due to the high amount of sugar in body, the body is unable to synthesize the proteins and vitamins of the digested food, thus resulting in weakness and malnourished body.

diabetes cure naturally
diabetes cure naturally

How to treat it naturally?

In herbal remedies and Ayurvedic medicine, there are a lot of treatments available to cure the illness. Although it is better to go natural, using allopathic medicine in first stage can lead to prolonged disease.

Today we will be telling you how to minimize blood sugar from 400 to 100, just by altring some of your diet and lifestyle.

Diet and Lifestyle alterations to treat diabetes:

1. Use Ragi instead of wheat-

sprouted ragi for diabetes
sprouted ragi for diabetes

Although wheat flour is healthy, but in the case of diabetics, food should be high in fibers and gluten free.

You can use Ragi or finger millets to prepare chappatis and other breads. Sprouted Ragi flour will be muslch healthier than the packets outside.

2. Go with Millets instead of Rice-

Foxtail Millet for diabetes
Foxtail Millet for diabetes

Rice is not suitable food for diabetics. Even if a diabetic patient is having rice, they can have unpolished ones or brown rice.

If your blood glucose is very high, then it’s the high time to opt for millets like foxtail millets, kodo millet, barnyard etc. Just like you prepare rice you can cook these. It is high in fiber and very good to cure sugar problem.

3. Start your day with home medications

soaked methi
soaked methi

As you woke up, you should take a glass of warm water with lemon, soaked methi seeds, okra water etc.

Taking these in an empty stomach gives brilliant results in diabetics. You can make a weekly chart, dividing all these separately.

4. Do some exercises and warm-ups-

A diabetic patient must do some yoga and exercises like mandukasana, bhujangasana, agnisar kriya, anulom vilom etc.

yoga and exercise
yoga and exercise

Some sit-ups and minor exercises can also be done. These helps to revitalise your body and increase the capability of pancreas.

5. No caffeine and fried items-

Tea, coffee, aerated drinks, colas, chips, wafers, samosa etc should not be touched by the diabetic patient.

These are like slow poison for them. Although, if your blood glucose is not so high then you can have these once a week in a limited quantity.

Instead, you can opt for veggie sandwich, yogurt,  fresh fruits, juices, stewed vegetables, dalia and other healthy things.

healthy diet for diabetes
healthy diet for diabetes

Tips to stay healthy in diabetes:

  • Refined flour and all such refined things must be avoided by the patient.
  • The patient can also go with chewing curry leaves, bean leaves, betel leaves etc in between which is very effective.
  • To keep your body toned and healthy, vegetable juices such as carrot-beetroot juice etc can also be taken.
  • A patient should opt for leafy greens and vegetables like bitter melon, gourds etc.

By owing these simpler steps, you can easily say goodbye to Diabetes. Although these are natural tips, before moving to any such treatment must consult a doctor or Ayurvedic doctor first.

They will simplify you is your body okay to handle the treatment, such as fenugreek seeds are sometimes hot and can be bad for pitta people.

Hope you found the post useful. If you also know someone tensed and suffering from diabetes, then must forward them.

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