5 Effective and natural ways to prevent Coronavirus


Today, everywhere around the world, people are discussing how to prevent Coronavirus to outbreak, simplest answer is Social distancing. But, Modern era is the age of diseases and maladies. In every small interval, scientists are finding some new diseases which are fatal and dangerous for humans. It’s just three or four month of this new year, and a new disease is introduced to human lives. It is called called Coronavirus. This particular virus comes from the Coronaviruses family which affects mammals including humans. It is there is two different forms called SARS and MERS

corona virus

In this range of viruses, there are some which are limited only to animals and does no harm to humans. But this coronavirus is something which can easily be transmitted to humans through animals like bats and snakes. 

How Coronavirus is so fatal for us?

 Due to the mutation, these viruses has undergone certain changes which has transformed them to be very dangerous and life-threatening for lives. Till date there is no vaccine found for the diseases, which makes it more scary. 

Prevention is better than cure! This is the thing we should always keep in mind, whether it is coronavirus or any kind of small infection. However, we only need to practice smaller things a

However, we should know that our nature has always offerd us the remedies in form of herbs and plants. These precious gifts of Mother Earth is nectar for lives! 

Today we will be talking about some of the natural ways through which we can prevent ourselves from this life threatening disease called Coronavirus. 

5 Natural ways to prevent Coronavirus:

1. Wash/Sanitize your hands frequently

washing hands to prevent coronavirus

These viruses are not air-borne but spreads via droplets. General hygiene is the most effective way to keep this infection at bay. We should wash our hands frequently, even if you thing that your hands are clean. 

Wash throughly with liquid soap and wipe with a clean towel. When we wash our hands, there are very less chances involved for us to get infected. Working people can’t always wash their hands due to busy schedule and such. For such, keep a mini size alcohol based hand sanitizer in your pocket. Such practices can save our lives. 

2. Use combination of Pepper, Tulsi and Giloy

Black pepper, Tulsi (Basil) and Giloy are antiviral and anti-microbial in nature. They are super antibiotics and are full of health goodnesses. Many people gets scared with simpler cough and cold, that they are infected with coronavirus. 

Make a decoction (kadha) of these three and sip as tea. All these are meant to strengthen your immunity which will not let the virus attack you. We should know that, any kind of viruses whether it coronavirus or any other; only attcak people with weaker immunity. So the most important thing we should focus on is, to make your immunity strong. 

3. 3- to 5 Pranayamas on regular basis

Pranayama for immunity

Pranayama or Breathing exercises are meant to boost your immunity and provide mental peace. Everyday we should practice at least 3 Pranayamas; i.e.,

If you have time and want more benefits then also include Udgeeth and Bhramari in your daily routine. The viruses at first creates heavy and thick mucus in respiratory system, disturbing the air sacs which leads to shortness of breathing. 

So if we practice pranayamas daily, it helps to keep our respiratory system strong which inhibits the virus attack, preventing not just coronavirus but all types of infections. Regular and healthy practice of these pranayamas will improve your immunity which will give overall health and wellness. 

4. Avoid touching your face with bare/dirty hands

Many people will find it very simple, but it is only the toughest one. Knowingly or unknowingly, we will always touch our face. Suppose if you touch something like door knob, lift button etc. which an infected person already touched; and again you touch your face with those hands; you will surely fall sick as the viruses will enter your body through the hand contact.

So if you want to touch yourr eyes or nose, first clean it or sanitize to make sure you will stay healthy. Washing hands with soap and water is the best way to stay away from hamful micobes. On the other hand, if your hands are visibly not dirty you can use alcohol based hand sanitizer to kill the germs on hand. 

5. Take Hot liquids at regular intervals

hot liquids for better health

As we discussed, these viruses first attack your respiratory system; making shortage of oxygen supply and ultimately patients are transferred to ventilators. We must know, after entering your throat/ oesophagus these viruses will stay there for 48-72 hours after that they will pass to lung cavity. 

If we take hot liquids like tea, coffee, soups, hot water with lemon etc then there will be no atmosphere for the viruses to stay alive. They will pass down to the stomach and ultimately will be killed by gastric juices there. So one of the effective way to keep corona at bay, is to take hot liquids at regular intervals. 

Many people will find it different, as the weather is summer now and it sounds different to take hot liquids in summer! But friends, this is an epidemic situation for whole world! We all should work together to get out of this panic situation. 

No vaccine and very less promising drug available is making this thing much scary and panic! However, instead if getting scared and panic we should think wisely and scientifically. Hope this corona issue get finished soon! By following the 5 points given above, we can surely and possibly combat this coronavirus pandemic.

So, stay home and stay safe 🙂 Update about CoronaVirus in Indian Website

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