Common things about Kapalbhati Pranayama

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Anything type of asana or activity which is related to breathing activity; then it can be termed as ‘Pranayama’. Pranayama is totally a scientific method which correlates mental peace and physical fitness.

In ancient times, sages and saints used to sit on a samadhi pose and performed mental activities which gifted them a lavish form of energy and the flow of positivity endorsed them. What were the reasons; they were so calm, peaceful, mentally eligible and pronounced enlightenment to all. The thing is; they always found themselves nearer to God. Their all negative thoughts and worsen human behaviour got erased. In the present world, the medium to grasp this universal energy is simply called “Pranayama”. Apart from this, it has numerous benefits too.


Kapalbhati pranayama
Pranayama pose

As in Pranayama section, there are many types of pranayama listed; all are meant for the healthful and calm living. Here we will be talking about ‘Kapalbhati Pranayama’. You must have seen, in the cure of several diseases; Kapalbhati pranayama is advised.

There are certain tactics laid behind it; several mechanisms that is for the wellness of certain ailments. So, lets proceed- Kapalbhati comes under the category of Hatha Yoga which is also called ‘Balabhai’; which is a yogic method which cleanses your body. It is made from two words “Kapala” which means forehead and “Bhati” which means light or glow. It is a pranayama which makes your forehead luminous, brightened and develops spiritual energy in you. It totally renovate your body system; both physically and mentally. Brain; is regarded as the master organ of the body. When it is functioning well then everything goes right. As you get dedicated for Kapalbhati pranayama, it slowly sharpens your mind and makes it much capable to grasp knowledges. Not only this, it is like a cleanser which eradicates all kinds of negative thoughts from your mind. After going through this short explanation, lets move to some more descriptions of Kapalbhati Pranayama.

How to perform it?

Performing mechanism
  • Sit on samadhi or Padmasana pose; on a straight pose with erect spine and cross your legs in front of you.
  • Take a deep breath and exhale quickly and suddenly; make sure that exhale should be small and in medium speed.
  • No extra energy should be used; carry as per your power. This time inhaling and exhaling should be in a medium speed and continuous.
  • Your abdomen should rise when you inhale and fold when you exhale.
  • You can perform it for 10 times with continuous action.

Side-effects and precautions while performing Kapalbhati Pranayama:-

Internal mechanism
Internal mechanism

It has been recommended by experts that Kapalbhati Pranayama is not meant for everyone. In some cases, it should be strictly avoided. Experts believe in some disease; Kapalbhati pranayama can increase the complications indeed.

For instance, Kapalbhati is not recommended for those suffering from hernia, spinal disorders, cardiac ailments, severe respiratory disorders, nasal obstructions etc. If you are willing to perform it for some specific illness then better perform it under some qualified yoga instructor. Always keep in mind, dont exert extra pressure while perform as it will make you fatigue and weak. Especially, those suffering from chronic and acute disorders should avoid it. It is better to avoid it performing your own.

What should be the mental state while performing this?

This is not simply a treatment; it’s an activity which transforms your whole body. For this, your mind should be in normal state. It should be free from anxiety, depression, stress or any kind of negativity.

While performing, feel as your all diseases are getting out and spiritual energy is entering to your body and soul. Your mind-set should be like filled with positivity. It’s a fact, if you perform any kind of Pranayama with lazy, fatigued and sad mind them its effect will be decreased to a great extent. So, stay always smiley and happy. This is the key to all successes to life!

Benefits of Kaplabhati pranayama:-

  1. If you are willing you get natural pinkish blush and bright skin tone then you must perform Kapalbhati pranayama at least 15 minutes a day; most probably at early morning.
  2. It is a natural cure for those suffering from obesity. STart with 5 min after that gradually increase the timing.
  3. It maintains your Blood Pressure by regulating the pumping rate of heart. It also lowers the risks of strokes and heart attacks.
  4. If you are beauty conscious then it is a free package for a miraculous beauty. It makes your hair strong, shiny and lustrous avoiding hair baldness and hair fall.
  5. It also enhance the memory concentration, efficiency, enhancing the functioning of brain cells and many more.
  6. It is a terrific pain reliever. Regular practice acts as a natural tranquilizer and analgesics.
  7. It improves body posture and fitness too.
  8. It is a very good source to achieve positivity of mind.
  9. It enhance the body’s flexibility and makes your body flexible; which simply means prevention from diseases.
  10. By performing this, CO2 gets released from the body leading to blood purification. In addition to this, it enhance your skin tone naturally.

Here is the video on KapalbhatiPranayama by Baba Ramdev

In this way, we saw multiple benefits of Kapalbhati Pranayama. Yoga is neither a treatment not an activity; it is simply a thing which transforms your body and life to the direction of best. In this world, to achieve anything money is needed.

What will you say to these Pranayamas? Simply a miracle of God, which is free of cost and rich in miraculous benefits. So, take care and lie well!


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