5 Amazing health benefits of Lychee you must know about

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Yumm! Everyone of us love Lychee fruit. It is one of the most exotic and dearly loved fruit. Do you know this fruit also has a lot of benefits hidden in it. Today we will be talking about 5 health benefits of lychee.

What is Lychee fruit?

lychee fruit
lychee fruit

Litchi or Lychee is a juicy and red colored fruit that is very fabulous in taste. Litchi is a translucent, glossy, sweet and a delicious mouthwatering fruit. It is also called “Queen of fruits”.

Being yummy and gorgeous, this fruit is also rich in medicinal properties. Mostly, litchi is known as the super fruit of summers.

Botanical classification of Lychee:

This exotic fruit belongs to the Sapindaceae family and botanically it is known as “Litchi chinensis”.

Nutrition in Lychee:

litchi being sold in market
litchi being sold in market

Litchi is full of both nutritional as well as health enhancing elements. Litchi is rich in carbohydrates, Vitamin C, A and B-complex.

This super fruit is also rich in many minerals like potassium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and iron. Because of all these properties, litchi becomes a type of health treasure for us.

Now we shall be talking about the health benefits of Lychee.

Health benefits of Lychee:

delicious lychee juice
delicious lychee juice
  1. Aids in cardiac disorders and blood pressure-

    As we know that litchi is full of medicinal properties; it is best suited to prevent all types of cardiac ailments and most important the blood pressure.

    Potassium and copper are abundantly found in litchi. These two minerals are responsible to strengthen the cardiac walls, hence preventing the heart attacks.

    The phytochemicals present in litchi rapidly enhances the RBCs (Red Blood Corpuscles) in our body. As the nature of litchi is cooling effect, it stabilizes our blood pressure.

    The minerals also aid the fluent passage of blood in the veins and keep us free from ailments.

  2. Hydrates our body-

    Litchi contains 83% of water in it. It is a light and watery gel kind of fruit that heals the problem of dehydration in us. It is a very nutritious and watery fluid type of fruit.

    Its regular intake finalizes the problem of dehydration and makes our hydrated, plump and youthful.

  3. Cures the minor disorders-

    Litchi fruit is good remedy for stabilizing the pH level in the body. It also aids in gastrointestinal form of ailments and minor disorders like indigestion, constipation, internal swelling, acidity, loss of fluids and so on.

    In short, we can that litchi is a very effective medicinal fruit for preventing all kinds of stomach related disorders.

  4. Litchi is a good source of energy-

    This super fruit is a good appetizer too. Intake of litchi activates our energy providing cells. Litchi contains “Niacin” as the constituent element that revitalizes our steroid hormone and hemoglobin that are responsible for the production of energy.

    Those who intake litchi as their daily diet, are relieved from stress, fatigue and are active throughout the day even while working. Litchi is like glucose that is like instant energy booster.

  5. Inhibits the growth of cancer cells-

    According to the studies and experiments, it has been proved that litchi fruit is capable to hinder the growth of carcinogens (cancer causing pathogens). Litchi is rich in Vitamin C, Flavonoids, Quercitin and antioxidants.

    These elements act as the barrier against cancers specially the breast cancer. The Vitamin C present in litchi increases the production of RBCs (Red Blood Corpuscles) and builds up the immunity.

    Litchi also contains many other nutrients like riboflavin, beta-carotene, folate and Vitamin B in a huge amount that regulates the digestive system and growth of WBCs (White blood Corpuscles) that are responsible for the production of antibodies in our body.

    unripe lychee on tree
    unripe lychee on tree

How it should be taken?

Lychee should not be eaten in excess amount. For healthy person 10-11 litchis is enough in daily basis. Excess intake can lead to disorders like headache, allergies, cold and so on.

Hope you like the post. Share this to all and do share your experiences with us. Take care and live well!

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