Swine Flu; Causes, Symptoms and other related information

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Swine Flu is a very common and highly spread diseases all over the world. This disease is mostly active in winters and rainy season. Today we will be providing you some of the information of Swine flu.

Winter season can be full of thrill or in negative phase it can be enveloped by affliction. Everyone likes to enjoy ice-snowy winters with a great ease and happiness.

But, a little bit of carelessness can deplete your lovely winters. Now-a-days, diseases are very common to happen. There are many factors contributing the mishap; like pollution, decreased immunity, mental retardation and so on.

What is Swine Flu?

swine flu
swine flu

These days a viral disease called ‘Swine flu’ is very active and depleting many lives. It is also called H1N1 flu/illness. You must have noticed time period between November-January is full of viral diseases. Why so?

Why not bacterial or protozoan disease? The answer is hidden in the fact of microbiology; “Viruses are the entry line between living and non-living.”

During this period, the air is dry and our skin lack moisture. As the viruses receives humid or chilled whether they becomes active. Swine flu is named so because it can be spread or attacked to pigs itself.

Those living in the surroundings of pigs develop the higher risk to be attacked with Swine flu. It is a respiratory disorder that is caused by influenza viruses. It was firstly recognized in the year 2009.

Occurence and outbreak of Swine flu:

The flu was first observed in Mexico that was due to H1N1 virus. Swine viruses can affect both humans and pigs. Influenza A i.e., H3N2v is most likely and effective one to cause Swine flu.

outbreak of swine flu
outbreak of swine flu

Influenza viruses A, B and C can affect respiratory cells to a great extent. The virus is contagious and can spread human to human. The first occurrence of H1N1 virus were seen on pigs itself; after that mutation occurred and the virus began to spread in human beings.

Young children, adults and pregnant ladies are more likely to develop H1N1 viruses. The flu spreads in the same way as seasonal infections. Following are the description of Swine flu.

Symptoms of Swine flu:-

symptoms of swine flu
symptoms of swine flu
  • Loss of appetite
  • Cough
  • Nasal secretion
  • High fever
  • Fatigue
  • Shortness of breathing and mucus deposition
  • Sore throat
  • Body ache
  • Vomiting and diarrhea

Diagnosis of Swine flu:-

Well, yet no perfect test diagnosis is discovered; it is difficult to detect Swine flu as all the symptoms shows confusing ailments. Some blood tests and mucus samples helps to detect the viruses.

Or the predicted person is kept under observation for further tests. If the flu is accompanied with Pneumonia then it can create severe complications.

treatment of swine flu
treatment of swine flu

Treatment of Swine flu:-

Antiviral drugs such as Tamiflu and Relenza are prescribed. Although, the flu develops resistance thus antiviral drugs are provided in severe cases only.

In chronic respiratory disorder, some other antibiotics and medications are provided. If the flu is diagnosed early; it can be treated well. If the flu is in 1st stage then home remedies can also work; some are listed below-

  1. First of all, you need to intake plenty of warm fluids. Soups, warm water, juice, ORS can be taken in order to prevent dehydration.
  2. Take ample rest. You need to get proper bed rest.
  3. The infected person must intake warm foods and should stay in hygienic warm surroundings.

Prevention of Swine flu:-

swine flu virus
swine flu virus

It is a well-known fact that “Prevention is better than cure.” It is good to resist yourself instead of cure methods. Actually, the curing tactics are very stressing.

The intake of several drugs makes you feel sick. In addition to this, in many cases after getting treated some pathogens are left behind that are bad for future. Following are some of the preventions that will help you to prevent Swine flu-

  • The best way to prevent any ailment is vaccination. For Swine flu vaccination is available as nasal spray or injection.
  • As much as possible, you must avoid crowd surroundings. Or you can also wear face masks while going out. By doing this you will be resisted by pathogens.
  • Herbal tea is the best way to prevent flu’s. It strengthens your immune system making you well-being.
  • After coming from outside wash your hands properly with some alcohol-based hand wash. You must wash your hands frequently.
  • Use warm water to clean vegetables and fruits; this will insure you for a good health.

You can call the flu as an easy or deadly disease. If you are living in a healthy surrounding with healthy habits; it is easy for you. Health is the foremost wealth.

If health is depleted then nothing is ours. Present world is full of disasters and maladies; yet we should give our best to keep ourselves free and hygienic. Take care and live well.

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