How to keep your Blood Sugar balanced with Apple Cider Vinegar


They say, Apple Cider Vinegar is one of the natural and powerful  ingredient found in your kitchens. Hey, guys if you too are troubled with high blood sugar then, ACV is going to be a miracle for you! Let’s see this how. 

Diabetes, means rise of blood sugar which later leads to heavy health issues and chronic illness. Many people go for heavy medications and insulin shots, unaware of that the remedy is at your kitchen only.

high blood sugar levels
high blood sugar levels

Yes, today we will be telling you about the treatment of heavy blood sugar with Apple Cider Vinegar.

First, let us know how this ACV is prepared and what are its properties.

ACV is firstly known as a seasoning item, used in salad dressing, mocktails and so on. Ancient sages, who were expertise in Ayurveda and Naturupathy says, ‘Every ingredient in your kitchen holds the potency same as a medicine’. 

This is 100% true and ACV holds the same property.

How Apple Cider Vinegar is prepared?

apple cider vinegar
apple cider vinegar

ACV contains acetic acid in it, and the extract of fermented apples. It is wholly natural and has all the nutrients of a fresh apple. Acetic acid in it, acts as a preservative and keeps it well for a long time.

Lots of brands, how to choose right ACV?

ACV is available in lots of brands with attractive packages. Of course, all of them are prepared in factories with certain processes. How to choose the right one with maximum health benefits?

  • The ACV should be made of raw apples, and it should be meantioned in the pack itself. 
  • It should be unprocessed and unfiltered, so that all the nutrients are retained in natural form. 
  • Just shake the ACV bottle, and let it sit for a few minutes. If you notice some sediments then you can assure its good and wholly natural. 

How to use Apple Cider Vinegar to lower blood sugar naturally?

Researches and studies have concluded that ACV  is very beneficial to lower down blood sugar naturally, in an eased way. Although, many researches too are currently going on to conclude the exact efficacy of ACV.

ACV Foot Soak:

Foot soak is one of the easiest and the reliable way to remove harmful toxins from the body. Your sole is actually the centre point of the body, as you can see that foot massage ensures a good sleep and also has other health benefits.

How to do this?

ACV foot soak
ACV foot soak
  1. Take a tub of warm water and put a glass of ACV in it.
  2. Soak you foot for 15-20 minutes in it.
  3. Make sure, during foot soak you think only good and as you are getting healed.
  4. Do this daily. It will help to combat fatigue, stress, body pains etc.
  5. Thus all these with lead to balanced sugar levels.

Intake of Apple Cider vinegar:

You can also use it as medicine. Now just for blood sugar, it also acts as a probiotic and keeps your gut health nice.

  1. Daily nigh before going to bed, take 2 tablespoons of ACV diluted with 4 tablespoons of water.
  2. Take this orally as the medicine.

Precautions before taking ACV:

  • You must consult an expert or Ayurvedic physician before going to this. As in later stages, it has the chances to cause pottasium retention in your body.
  • The dosages etc should be prescribed by the doctor itself.
  • Although it is natural, but overdose or wrong use can be fatal. ‘

Before going to any such start-ups, seek for the expert’s advice and doctor’s guide. Although, foot soak is wholly good and will have no such problems.

Hope you find this post useful and innovative. Share it to all and do not forget to leave a comment below. Take care and live well!

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