7 Ways how to keep your Feet beautiful and healthy

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The most ignored part of our body is; Feet. This is the part that carries the whole body all day around. Let us care about it and make it look healthier and happy.

The whole day with a busy schedule, stressful environment, polluted surroundings all makes you tired and weak. At evening you splash water on your face and feel relaxed. But have you ever thought what about your feet and its delicate heels?

Importance of feet and legs in daily life:

This is your feet only that all-time controls your weight, your workload and all your weighty stress and all movement actions. If your feet are not relaxed, you won’t feel completely relaxed.

Whether it is the case of beauty or relaxation; good health of your feet is compulsory. Legs are the important parts of our body that takes the load of your body whole life.

Not only this, your feet enhance your personality too. As you have seen, many guys who time to time cleans and care their feet; they are called a good person. What can be the logic for this?

Simply we can say, the logic for this is; those who cleans and cares their feet are said good persons because it shows their habit of total tidy habit. Just by looking at their feet one can comment that this person must be very caring and concerned for all the tasks, whether it is small or large.

So guys, we have seen how much important and necessary are our legs. You must have seen there are many girls who are 24 hours concerned about their face and hairs; how to make them beautiful and attractive. But the most important thing they neglect “feet”.

Real and appreciated beauty is from toe to head. Just think your face, hairs and body is very good-looking but the legs are not a bit adorable. This posture not only degrades your beauty but also spoils your personality. Even you will not like it.

Now we will be telling you some of the caring tips which will make you feel relax and your feet will say thank you!

7 Tips for Healthy feet:

healthy feet
healthy feet
  • Hygiene is necessary for your feet-If you wear shoes and shocks then the chances of fungal infections increases between the toes. If your skin is sensitive in nature then sweating from heels and between toes is casual.

    If it is not properly cared for then, this small thing can lead to foot ailments. While putting socks and shoes, apply some anti-fungal powder between your toes and on the delicate heels. This will help you to reduce sweating and prevent fungal disorders.

  • Go comfortable on your footwear-This is a normal thing, today teenagers even the adults choose their foot wears on the basis of look, design and glam appearance. These factors are quite fine but the most important thing to keep in mind is ‘Comfort’.

    Never get the footwear that is not comfortable. This will not only make you make your feet inflamed but will also distort the shape of legs.

  • Pedicure is good for your feet-Monthly or weekly pedicure gifts you beautiful legs and mental relaxation. Pedicure is not only meant for the beautification of feet but is also beneficial for health.
  • You don’t need to go to any beauty clinic; you can also clean and moisturize your feet at home. Take a half tub of lukewarm water, a pouch of mild shampoo, one tablespoon of salt and few drops of antiseptic lotion. Mix them together in water and dip your legs in it. After that, using a pumice stone gently rub your feet and after drying apply some moisturizer so that our skin will retain its softness for a long time.
  • During winters a special care of feet is advisable, use soft cotton shocks all time. Before going to bed apply some mustard oil on ankle and heels portion. Massage it for few minutes then cover with socks. This will help you to keep your leg portion soft and supple and will also prevent cold and cough; as mustard oil is warm in nature.
  • Inflammation is obvious when you are tired. Mostly, it affects your ankles and heels. For this, you can use a home remedy. Daily warm your affected area with lukewarm water with salt in it.Don’t hang your legs while sitting; it can increase your pain. At bedtime, keep your ankle portion on a soft pillow. This will balance your legs and will be curing your inflamed area with a great ease.
  • Massaging of heels is a natural way to strengthen and metabolize your blood circulation.

    So, guys, these were some methods by which you can easily care for your legs. This is an easy and affordable way for everyone. Take care of yourselves, live safe and stay alive.

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