Homemade Shampoo which will make your hair grow like crazy grass

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Beautiful and  long hairs are liked by all. But due to several factors and environmental conditions, our hairs gets affected and becomes dull! Here we are presenting you an amazing homemade shampoo which will make your hair grow as faster as the ‘doob grass‘. 

Hairs are the crown of our head, and if the hair is beautiful and soft then it is like ‘icing on a cake’! In the present era, beautiful and healthy hairs with good texture is very rare. There are many factors damaging our hairs like pollution, incorrect diet, hair machines, dryers, lots and lots of chemical products and many more.

Let us go back to the nature and discover a hair treatment which will make your hairs long and beautifying it naturally.

Yes, we are talking about a homemade shampoo! Earlier, we discussed about several homemade oils etc. But today, we shall be discussing about a homemade shampoo which will beautify your hairs like magic!

Homemade Shampoo for long and strong hairs:

Homemade Shampoo
Natural Homemade Shampoo for long hairs

Ingredients required-

  • 100ml aqueous solution of panthenol
  • 30ml nettle drops
  • 750ml plain nettle shampoo
  • 30ml aqueous solution of AD drops
  • 2 ampoules vitamin B
  • 50ml castor oil

How to prepare?

  1. In a bottle of 1 liter mix all the ingredients.
  2. Shake it, to blend the ingredients completely.
  3. Apply it on the hair and massage the scalp gently.
  4. After several minutes, rinse your hair.
  5. Before every use, shake the bottle.
  6. After a couple of uses you will see amazing results, and after a month, your hair quality will improve significantly.

The major ingredient of this homemade shampoo is ‘Nettle’. Nettle is a well-known herb especially for hair purposes. Let us see how this shampoo works and it efficiency.

What makes the shampoo best for hairs?

Nettles are plants known for beautifying, strengthening and restoring the quality of hair. They also encourage regrowth and restoration of hair. Panthenol is derived from B5 vitamin. It is a very popular ingredient in beauty products. In hair care products, panthenol have moisturizer effects and also add thickness to the hair.
Castor-oil is an old beauty ingredient that has been replaced over time by newer and fancier products. It has antibacterial and antifungal properties, and also is rich in vitamin E, proteins, minerals, Omega 6 and 9 fatty acids, which makes it perfect for hair and skin care.
Today 8 out of 10 are struggling for long, volumized and beautiful hairs. For this we try a lot of hair treatments. Guys, now its your turn! Make your own homemade shampoo and give it a try. Take care and live well!


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