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13 Medicinal benefits of Castor oil plant

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The small plants which we see around us, all come under the category of herbs. There are numerous herbs in India which are there for the goodness of mankind and living beings respectively. All the fruits, flowers, vegetables, wood, gum, fabric etc all are obtained from plants. Here we will be talking about a plant which is widely and mostly known for its oil. It is called ‘Castor oil plant’.

Appearance of Castor oil plant:-

Plant of Castor oil
Plant of Castor oil

These are the annual plants which are approximately 8-15 ft tall and thin. The stem is greenish white and smooth. It bears branches which are also greenish white and of medium size like sticks. The leaf stalk is usually one foot long and hollow. It bears leaves which looks similar as those of papaya leaves which are broad with 7-11 cleavages. It bears flowers which are reddish-purple in colour. The fruits are thorny and have a green coating; with three seeds each. The kernel of the seed is white and smooth. The oil is extracted from the kernel is an excellent purgative.

This very plant is of two types-red and white. Some trees produce large seeds and some small. These are annual or perennial plants cultivated or grown wild in forests at the heights of 600 ft. Castor oil is regarded as one of the highly beneficial oil used in almost all the cases.

Castor oil benefits
Castor oil benefits

Nomenclature of Castor plant:-

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Now, we shall be moving to the medicinal benefits of Castor oil plant. This very herb is highly recognized as a medicinal plant and has numerous benefits;

13 Medicinal benefits of Castor oil plant:-

  • 1. Treats Eye disorders-

    • Use castor oil to eyeliner the yes.
    • It causes watering of eyes which helps to remove any kind of dust particles present in.
    • Prepare poultice of castor oil with barley flour.
    • Tie it on the eyes, it cures swelling in eyes due to pitta.

    2. Helpful in Jaundice-

    • Make a powder of its roots and give 6 ml juice of its powder in 250 ml milk to the patient.
    • It cures Jaundice.
    • Or, give 80 ml decoction of its root with 2 tablespoons of honey mixed in it.

    3. Treatment for a Cough

    • Take 3 gm extract of its leaves.
    • Mix equal quantity of castor oil and jaggery to it.
    • Give this to the patient.
    • It cures Cough.

    4. Aids in Stomach problems-

    • Grind the kernel of its seeds and cook in 4 times of the cow’s mil.
    • When the milk thickens, mix one part of sugar to it.
    • Prepare a jam of this and give it to the patient regularly with the dosage of 15 gm.
    • It eradicates the gas in the stomach.

    5. Kills Intestinal Worms-

    • Take the fresh and pure juice of castor leaves.
    • Apply it on the abdominal area, for 2-3 times a day.
    • It kills the worm in the stomach.

    6. Cut extra fat-

    • To remove extra fat deposited on the stomach area, wash and clean 20-50 gm root of the castor plant.
    • Boil it in 200 ml water till 50 ml water is left.
    • Drink it regularly.
    • It reduces the fat deposition.

    7. Treats Piles-

    • Prepare 100 gm decoction of castor leaves and mix 50 ml juice of Indian Aloe to it.
    • Give this to the patient twice a day.
    • Mix the gel of Indian Aloe and castor oil.
    • Apply this on the boils. It brings immediate relief.

    8. Helpful in Renal colic-

    • Grind the kernel of its seeds and apply the warm paste in the kidney area.
    • It is beneficial in curing the swelling of kidneys thus brings relief in pain.

    9. Aids in Arthritis-

    • Make a paste of its seeds and apply on the painful joints.
    • It absorbs the pain.
    • Prepare a decoction of 10 gm castor root and 5 gm ginger powder.
    • Give this to the patient.
    • You can also apply and massage with castor oil on the painful area.

    10. Treats Skin problems-

    • Boil 20 gm root in 400 ml water till only 100 ml water is left.
    • Give this to the patient.
    • It is beneficial in curing all types of skin problems.
    • Apply a little amount of limestone on the leaf’s tip and rub on the acne.
    • It will remove the acne and will even cure it.

    11. Combats Labor pain-

    • Make a mild enema of castor oil and give it to the mother after every 15 days.
    • At the time of delivery, give 25 gm castor oil with tea or milk.
    • It ensures early and eased delivery.

    12. Treats Dysentery

    • Give 10 gm castor oil regularly to the patient.
    • It abides the illness and even rescues the surgery.

    13. As an Anti-toxic medicine-

    • Give 100 ml juice of its leaves.
    • It will make the patient vomit.
    • Thus helping to nullify the effect of venom of a snake, spider and poppy seeds.
    • It even helps to get rid of other poison impacts.
    • Grind 20 gm fruits of castor oil plant.
    • Then strain the solution and give to the patient.
    • It helps to nullify the impact of poppy seeds.

    So, in this way, we saw the numerous benefits of Castor oil plant. So, go natural and live well.


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