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Must have book for Natural Home Remedies by Vasant Lad

When I started looking book for Natural Home remedies, I saw hundreds of books available and even ratings were also good for some of them in Amazon.

After talking to few Ayurveda professionals like Mike Dhaliwal, Chanchal Khosla; I found one very good book on Home Remedies written by Vasand Lad and I am delighted after reading this book that a common man like me with interest in alternative medicine, I was able to understand the root cause and how to cure such common health problems.

This books is good for everyone who wants to know the common home remedies and it is surely a book which you want to keep near your shelf all the time :).

Those who don't know Vasant Lad, for those I am writing few lines here. he is very known person in Ayurveda community in USA. He wrote some famous book on Ayurveda and home remedies. He has started Ayurveda institute since 1984 and here is the his institute website:

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