Miraculous Effect of Aak leaves to treat Diabetes and Obesity


Aak leaves benefits : Diseases are liked by none and are good for nothing. Even when some suffer from any kind of disease, they don’t like to get medicated with oral or inject able kind of things. So then what to be done! Hey guys, cheer up today we will be telling you a very different remedy to treat Diabetes and Obesity using Aka leaves.

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Aak plant tree benefit for diabetic and obesity

Can there be anything which could heal the thing with just the touch? Rubbish thing, right! But it is true. All of you must have heard about Aak leaves’. It is known by many names like Akwan, Madar, Swallow wort and many more. For many of us, it is a poisonous plant but its is not so.

Simply be said as miracle leaves. It has the capability to treat Diabetes and Obesity (Heavy tummy), with just the simple touch. Today we will be talking about the same.

Aak leaves benefits:

Aak plants are found everywhere in different species. It bears bluish-white flowers with thorny fruits. It has many religious aspects, as the flowers and fruits are used in the worshiping of Lord Shiva. Well, let us talk how Aak leaves can treat Obesity and Diabetes.

  1. Take 2 full leaves of Aak plant.
  2. From the opposite side which is little rough, place it on your feel sole and wear socks.
  3. Do the same with both the feet.
  4. Make sure that the leaves are touching your soles completely.
  5. All ow the leaves to stay there for whole day, before going to sleep remove it and wash your legs.
  6. Repeat the process with new leaves for a week.
  7. After the week, go for the blood sugar checkup.

You will be amazed! The results will be all normal, or it would be balanced for more than your expectations. It also helps to keep your inflated tummy fit. So, was it a miracle or not.

Scientific base of using Aak leaves for diabetes

aak leaves

ery curious mind asks the question ‘how’. It is good thing. You must be getting curious to know how actually leaves helps to lower blood glucose. According to an experiment done in rats, they found that the leaves and the flowers were effective to lower down serum glucose. The administration of leaf and flower extracts to streptozotocin-induced diabetic rats showed a significant reduction in serum glucose levels.

It is concluded that chloroform extracts of Calotropis gigantea leaves and flowers have significant anti-diabetic activity.

Precautions for Aak Plants:

The milk oozing from Aak plants are poisonous. Don’t allow it to go inside your eyes, otherwise it can damage your sight.

If you are diabetic patient or fed up of unhealthy body, then must give it a try. May be it can help you. Take care and Live well!

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  1. Good research. Thanks for giving us very good and easy remedy. Not only this all you articles are very useful and easy to follow.

  2. Yes.aak leaves lowers blood pressure.in my case i was on diabetes medication since last 8 years. After putting aak leaves in my feet and wearing bandage for about 1 month,my blood sugar has declined .even my allopathic medicine intake has been reduced.

  3. It works for weight loss. I reduced approx. 2 kg in a week
    But I just didn’t do aak leaves remedy, I regularly did brisk walking for 30 minutes and 15-20 minutes pranayama.

    I avoided sugar and junk food. Thanks for sharing the wonderful and easy technique to control cholesterol and reduce weight.

    But please don’t just rely on this remedy. Better do morning walk, avoid junk food, take less sugar, lemon water early morning, do yoga etc.

  4. I want to try. I have high cholesterol, overweight,don’t eat junk can’t loose weight. My liver numbers are not good. I need to try something. I hardly eat, I’m not diabetic but having high glucose numbers for over five years. Now I have gall bladder stones n my skin is messed up. I have to try is my last hope. I already drink lemon water but can’t to much . Where can I get the Aak leaves to start using. Also for dads painful knees. Please let me know asp. Thank you. I just found the Ayurveda natural herbs, I find them to be wonderful. I am use to using natural herbs in herbs store but haven’t heard of this one. Please let me know where I can buy. Thank you. My email is. Madellinet45@gmail.com
    If you help me find I’ll buy n try n let you know n tell others who I know need also. Thank you Shalini is my last chance maybe it can help. Do you know of any bad side affects? My stomach is swollen, hopefully will help too. N a poultice for fathers painful knees. For poultice do I use leaves or flowers? Thanks I’m excited to hear from you. Sincerely, Madelline Triana

  5. I find it extremely interesting n with lots of natural herbs to heal our decease, ailment problems. I have some knowledge of herbs healings n I find them to be amazing. I’m looking forward to looking through, n trying many n passing alone. Thank u .
    I think is a great knowledge to have to help us n loved ones.

  6. I have since 0ne year running gastick and alcer i use many medicine but not success pls give me good advice

    • It is very sad to hear about you Anup. As you are suffering from gastric ulcer (peptic ulcer), since for one year, you need full care. I will try to write an article on same, as soon as possible.

  7. Hi I have excessive hair fall . Ia m 47 year old female. I have tried everything but nothing helps. My blood count is normal. Please suggest some remedy

  8. Where will get this leaves and plant I want to purchase it please mail sagarpawar098@gmail.com it’s urgent kindly I am from thane is any near nursery kind provide address of it / if onlI need just forward link of it

  9. H Sagar these leaves are available in abundance on the roadside. These are same which you will find on Tuesday and Saturday in Hanuman temple as garlands.

  10. How does it help just by keeping under the sole, couldn’t get the scientific logic, kindly elaborate

  11. Helli give me reply mene aak ke patte use kiye diabeties ke liye to mere pero me jalan hone lagi kya ye koi sidefect h plz reply me fast kya mujhe ye try karna band karna hoga

  12. Can i used dis Aak leaves for my 5 yr old son….Doctor diagnosed him type 1 diabetes….Is dere any side effect….M worried plz suggest….

  13. This plant is native to asia n north Africa. Which country do u belong to. In India it grows in abundance.

  14. Can Aak leaves used in night during sleeping as feet sole with socks for obesity reduction. please reply and suggest.
    Thanking You.

  15. Thanks.
    My concern how or can I find the Aak leaves in Saudi Arabia. ? Or shall I buy from India and how.
    Please help me I am disbetic hypertensive.

  16. Hi , This is not true . I tried with this leaves, they did not make any differences. I tried it for last ten days and went for Blood sugar check up and found no changes.

  17. good day Dr Shalini Jaiswal the Aak leave work for about 3 people i told about it here in Nigeria but the problem is, is it a continuous use for life or how do go about administering after the seven day use thank you email adewuyi8317@gmail.com

  18. I name is BHASKAR , I am 45 yrs old and having sugar problem from Last 5 yrs . I’m on insulation now a days . So I want to know that for how many days the treatment of Aak leaves has to be followed for one week or daily and are there any side effects of this therapy. My email address is dagale1973bhas@ Gmail .com.

  19. Thank you so very much for sharing this I am from Trinidad and the plant is known here as Madar I would really like to try it on my husband who is diabetic……but how do you use it to lose weight?

  20. Can you tell me how long he has to use the leaves for ….and also can you tell me how to use it for weight loss…like how much leaves …or what is the dosage…

  21. whatever you are using to assist in bringing down your blood glucose must be done by also adding exercise and a low carb diet for it to work.. it’s your A1C that is important..

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