5 Effective and easy ways to take care of Toddler’s Hair

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Silky, soft, cute, shiny, healthy and beautiful hairs are the characteristics of a toddler’s hair. Those developing angels need a special care and maintenance for their hairs.  Today we will be telling you some of the very effective and expert ideas for the hair care of your Toddler’s hair.

Healthy hairs of kids
Healthy hairs of kids

What is hair made up of?

Let’s talk something about hair and its science. Before knowing how to care the hair, its essential to know the constitution of hair and its inert maintain.

  • Hair is made up of a tough protein called ‘Keratin‘.
  • Hair growth is quite higher when your body is warmer and in a comfortable state.
  • Hair is the dead cell of the body just like the nails, which don’t pain when cut.

Enemies of Healthy hair!

We should know there are some things, some habits, and elements that directly affect your hairs in an adverse way. Some of them are listed below-

  • Pollutants
  • Limitless Oily and junk food
  • Using so much of chemical-rich hair products
  • Lesser intake of fluids and water
  • Health issues
  • Improper care of hair and so on.

How to take care of your toddler’s hairs?

If you don’t care the toddler’s hair, they will slowly lose their glossiness and will start getting frizzy and damaged in early age only. So if you also want your little angel/prince hairs beautiful and look like silk threads, then follow the steps given below.

These are not any therapy, just a caring solution which should be followed regularly.

Let’s move to those tips to care a toddler’s hairs:

  1. Balding hairs or Hair shave-

hair shave kids
hair shave kids

It is a very effective way for the faster and healthy growth of hairs. When a baby is about 1 or 1 1/2 years old; a hair shave ceremony is done called ‘Mundan’. In this family members go to some temple and get the hair shaved off the baby.

In the perspective to religion, it is done to ensure healthy, long and happy life of the baby.

According to science, the removal of first hairs of the baby helps for the later and dense growth of the baby. When a baby is born he/she has little and thin hairs. By this practice of hair shave, the hair gets a perfect atmosphere for growth.

If possible one should carry out hair shave for about 2-3 times till the kid in 3-4 years of age. After that, the toddler’s hair grows normally and don’t need any shave.

2. Combing-

healthy hair of kids
healthy hair of kids

You should use kids friendly hair comb or brush to comb toddler’s hairs. It should be nor too thin neither too thick.

Regular combing helps to maintain the glossiness of hair and keeps it frizz free. According to dermatologists, combing the scalp with hairs maintains the blood circulation on the area.

It is a kind of massage only which makes the scalp relaxed and helps for the proper and healthy growth of the hairs.

3. Herbal Shampoo-

shampooing hairs
shampooing hair

Nowadays, there are lots of brands available for the hair shampoo for kids. Even now there is a trend of hair shampoos separately for boys and girls. We must know all of them are made of chemicals and such ingredients which are actually artificial.

So what to be done? In this, you can prefer for herbal shampoos! You must look for the shampoo which is made of natural ingredients and goes well with future references.

4. Healthy diet

kid eating fruits
kid eating fruits

We all know a healthy diet is very necessary for the healthy growth of hairs. It is actually must. Doesn’t matter how much care you give to your hairs, but if you neglect the diet then make sure your hairs are never going to be healthy.

Fruits, vegetables, correct hydration, nuts, whole grains etc are very important for your toddler’s hairs.

5. Oil massage on scalp and roots-

This a very common thing which we all do for our hairs. But do we really do it correctly and the way our hair demands.

For your toddler’s hair, you can use non-refined oils like sesame, coconut, mustard or any other which suits your baby.

At first, heat the oil to get warm and using your fingertips, apply it to the roots of the scalp. Massage gently for 15 minutes. This will let the oil get into the pores, which is very necessary. Gentle massage on the scalp also improves the blood circulation on the head, which makes us relaxed and acts a kind of acupressure thing.

You can massage your toddler’s hair for about twice to thrice a week.

In this way, we saw 5 ways to keep your toddler’s hair bouncy, healthy, shiny and blissful always.

Hope you found the post useful. Share this to all the social media and do not forget to share your comments with us. Take care and live well!

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