12 Medicinal benefits of Indian Mustard


Mustard is a herb which is also known as ‘sarso’ in Hindi terms. It has multiple benefits and uses. Mustard are of two types; Black mustard and Indian mustard. Both of them possesses their own distinctive properties and uses. Here our concerned topic is ‘Indian Mustard’. We will be talking about it in a descriptive manner and most important its medicinal benefits.



Mustard also called raee or sarso is a herb plant cultivated all over India and everyone is familiar with it. It is sowed as Rabi crop. It is an annual plant like mustard and is 2-3 ft tall. It has long stalk like leaves which are deeply serrated. It produces tiny seeds which are yellowish to brown in colour. The stem ha tiny leaves or veils. It bears flowers which are shiny yellow in colour. The pod is 1-2 inch long, slightly pressed down  from the top with a very small beak-like tip. It is a small annual plant having round stem with long internodes, simple, alternate and very soft yellowish-green leaves.

Dry mustard seeds have no smell but when pounded and moistened with water; they emit a peculiar pungent odour. The taste of mustard seeds is bitter and pungent.

Origin and Distribution of Indian Mustard:-

Mustard is a native of Eurasia. It has been in cultivation in Europe for a long time. This was the first species to provide table mustard for use as a condiment. It has been used by Romans, Greeks and Indians since ancient times. The plant is cultivated as a field crop in  most temperate countries.



English name- Indian Mustard
Hindi name- Raee, Sarso
Botanical name- Brassica juncea
Family- Brassicaceae
Kingdom- Plantae
Sanskrit names- Rajika, Raji, Asuri, Teekshnagndha

Nutrition in Indian Mustard:-

The mustard seeds contains about one per cent of volatile oil. It is strong, bitter, warm and somewhat dry. It has many more nutritional elements as listed below-

  • Dietary fibres
  • Carbohydrates
  • Fat
  • Beta-carotene
  • Vitamin A, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B9, C, E, K
  • Zinc
  • Calcium
  • Phosphorus
  • Potassium
  • Sodium etc

Uses of Indian Mustard:-


There are a variety of uses of Indian Mustard, some of them are listed below-

  1. Firstly, the oil extracted from mustard seeds are used as a cooking oil. The pure form is highly pungent and very nutritive one.
  2. The dried seed are used as a condiment cum spice in Indian cooking; it is widely used to cook many vegetarian items and fish too.
  3. The leaves, the stem and the seeds are edible. They are a major part of Indian cooking and is very healthy.
  4. The tender stems are also used as an ingredient in green salads and in other types of salad-dressing.
  5. The seeds are also crushed to make powder and is used as a spice.

Medicinal properties of Indian Mustard:-


So, these were the detailed knowledge of Indian Mustard. Now, lets move to the curative properties of it. Mustard is very familiar to Indian culture; thus some of its medicinal properties are known to us. But still there are many which are not known to everyone. So, lets continue with this-

1. For Glandular boils-

  • Grind jaggery, gugullu and Indian mustard together.
  • Mix it with powder to make paste.
  • Apply it on a bandage and then stick it on the boil.
  • By doing so, the boil ripens and then gets dissolved.

2. For Baldness-

  • Use hot or cold infusion of Indian mustard to rinse the hair.It controls the hairfall.
  • It also cures boils or dandruff present on scalp.
  • The pure form of oil has also the potency to kill hair lice.

3. For Bronchial asthma-

  • Give 500 mg of mustard powder with ghee and honey; twice a day.
  • It is very helpful to cure cough and Bronchial asthma even.

4. For Cholera-

In case of excessive vomiting in Cholera;

  • Apply the paste of mustard powder on the abdominal area. It controls vomiting.
  • In the early stage of Cholera, give 1 gm of Indian mustard with sugar to the patient.
  • Any type of vomiting and loose motions can be cured by applying the paste on the abdominal area.

5. For Pain due to Sprain-

  • Grind mustard powder with sugar.
  • Apply on the bandage and place the bandage on the painful area.
  • In case of severe pain, mix mustard seeds with the bark of drumstick plant with buttermilk and apply the paste on the painful area.

6. For Thorn pierce-

In case a thorn or a metal is pierced into the skin;

  • Apply the paste of mustard powder with ghee and honey.
  • The thorn moves upwards and can be easily taken out.

7. For Ulcers-

  • Boil 100 gm sesame oil or mustard oil.
  • Let the oil cool. Mix 10 gm of Indian Mustard, 10 gm of garlic, 1.5 gm camphor in it.
  • Cover the oil; when it gets completely cool strain the solution and store in a bottle.
  • Pour 4-5 drops of this oil in ears.
  • It cures bleeding from ears and heals the wound.

8. For Tumour-

  • In case of tumour in a part of the body.
  • Take equal quantities of mustard seeds and black pepper.
  • Mix them in ghee and apply this paste on the affected area.
  • It cures the growth of tumour and also useful in curing tumour.

9. For Stye-

  • Mix the powder of Indian mustard in ghee.
  • Apply this on the boils or stye on eyelids.
  • It gives immediate relief.

10 For Otitis-

  • Mix mustard flower in mustard oil or Castor oil.
  • Apply this on the affected area.
  • It cures the swelling and any kind of ulcer or boil on ears.

11. For Swelling-

In case of any kind of swelling like on hands or legs;

  • Take Castor leaves and smear with Indian mustard oil.
  • Tie the leaves on the affected area.
  • Or, grind mustard seeds and salt in water and apply the paste on affected area.

12. For Internal pain-

In case of disorder which causes swelling and internal burning sensation;

  • Apply the paste of Indian mustard in the swelled part.
  • It also cures the weakness of heart; as apply the paste of mustard on hands, feet and chest.

So, in this way we saw numerous benefits of Indian Mustard. It is really a highly beneficial herb with numerous benefits. These are the things which are free from side-effects and filed with benefits. So, take care and live well!

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