Does Onion Juice treats Hair Loss and regrows new hair?


Hair Loss is a very common problem nowadays. There is a very viral treatment available for hair loss, it is Onion Juice. Today we will be talking, does onion juice really helps to cure hair loss and helps to regrow new hair. Let us see this.

Hair Loss: Then and Now-

10-20 years back, hair loss was seen only among 40 or 50+ persons. But the present situation is even the 25 year ones are too facing hair loss kind of problems. Today 7 out of 10 youngsters are having hair problems which are followed by hair loss and alopecia.

There can be a lots of reason for hair loss and baldness as well. Some of them are listed below-

Reasons for Hair Loss and Baldness:

hair loss
hair loss
  • Pollution
  • Carelessness in hair care (cleaning, oiling etc)
  • Overuse of dryers and heat rollers
  • Improper diet
  • Lack of Hydration
  • Hair dyes and artificial colorings
  • Drugs, alcohol, and smoking etc

What people do for Hair loss treatment?

As a fact, people goes to doctor or takes precaution only when they suffer and the disease is diagnosed!

When a person starts facing hair loss and when it gets extreme, then only they rush to treatments. Nowadays, laser treatment, hair transplant and many other such things are there which promises to regrow hair.

There are so many hair shampoos, masks, conditioners etc available in the market which promises to reshape your hair and make it healthy again. Those are very expensive and the treatments too, which are not affordable for a common person.

Onion Juice: A Natural remedy for Hair Loss

Onion juice is helpful for all sorts of hair problems like dandruff, fungal infection and many more. But as our topic spells, we will be talking about Onion juice for regrowth of hair.

How Onion juice helps in hair growth?

Onions; specially the red onion which has a pungent sharp smell is best for hairs. Those onions are fully red-purple and as you chop it, it will bring water to your eyes.

Those onion are rich in sulphur which is a very effective element for hair growth. Application of fresh onion juice on scalp and hairs will give you miraculous results.

Does Onion juice really cures Hair Baldness?

This is an actual question? We say there are lots of benefits of onion juice and so on, but does it really works? Yes it do, but you need to have a little patience.

Hair Loss and Baldness are of many types. In the language of Dermatology, hair baldness can be there due to a variety of reasons-

  • Fungus growth on pores
  • Blockage of pores
  • Dead or unhealthy follicles (skin pores)
  • Genetic reasons
  • Side effects of some drug
  • Cancers
  • Dietary factors

In which types of hair Baldness onion juice can work?

‘Apply onion juice on hair loss, and you will get new hairs’. This statement is totally incorrect. A common person will do the same, but when you go deep and understand the reason of the baldness, the you will know onion juice is not applicable for all kinds of hair fall!

  1. If you are facing hair fall due to fungus growth and dietary factors, then here onion juice will work. You need to apply this twice or thrice a week for better results.
  2. Whereas in the case of genetic reasons, such bald skull has only 20% chances that they will get their hair back. If the parents and grandparents too are suffering from such problem, then there are chances coming generations will also be hair bald.
  3. If the hair pores are blocked or the pores are simply dead, then onion juice will rarely work here. In this, the patient first needs to go for laser or such treatments which will open their skin pores.
  4. In such hot towel, therapy is useful.

How to make Onion juice for Hhair loss?

making onion juice
making onion juice
  • Take a dark pink onion and chop into small pieces. Now blend it for few seconds till it gets coarsely ground.
  • Using a soft cloth or tea strainer, take out the juice from it. Now add a teaspoon of coconut oil or sesame oil in it. It will give it an oily look so that you can apply it nicely.
  • Using your fingers apply it overall the scalp mostly on the bald surface.
  • Give it a gentle massage so that the juice penetrates deep into the pores.
  • Let it sit for 15 minutes then was with normal water.

Onion juice is an effective remedy but takes some time to work. You should have patience to use it and will see the new hair growing yourself.

It is really an amazing remedy which saves lots of money which were used in transplants and other treatments.

Hope you found this post knowledgeable. Share this to all and do share your comments with us.

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