How to treat Common Cold in 2 days for kids and adults

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How to treat Common Cold in 2 days for kids and adults : When you are just affected or in the initial stages of a common cold, then it is the right and easy time to runabout of it! More the symptoms get severe, more it takes times to get treated. Today we will be telling how to treat common cold in just 2 days!

Many of you will think it a joke, that how can common cold can be treated in just 2 days! But its true and proven too.

Let’s look at this.

Status of the Cold and Flu:

comon cold and flu
comon cold and flu

We are promising that the cold will be cured in 2 days, but let me also tell you what should be the status of your common cold-

  • Your cold should be in initial stage, it means there should only be running nose, bit flu or simply you should be affected by such for just a day.
  • It should be seasonal one, not the symptom of diseases like dengue or chickenguniya.
  • We are telling about the common old which mostly happens in winters or monsoon season. If you are affected in summers or hot weather, then this trick will hardlyw ork on you.

What will be the medium of our treatment?

Here we will only use the home remedies, there will be no usage of medicines and othere therapies. It is applicable among all; babies from 2 years to adults.

What you should not do in these 2 days?

Just pretend as you are in some therapy place, where you are not allowed to do the things listed below-

  1. You should not eat cold things such as ice creams, cold drinks, banana or any such cold natured things.
  2. Avoid vegetables such as brinjal, gourds, pumpkin etc.
  3. Don’t drink cold water or take bath with cold water during this period.
  4. Wear warm clothes and socks to ensure that you stay prevented from the cold weather.
  5. Also avoid white rice if possible, you can take it hot and immediately cooked. Cold ones are not allowed specially in the nights.

Common cold treatment in 2 days:

Here are following points which will cure your cold in just 2 days.Garlic-camphor infused Mustard oil-

11. Garlic-camphor infused Mustard oil

mustard oil massage

It is a very effective trick which will take off the running nose.

  • Heat a cup of pure mustard oil with 5 camphor balls and 7 cloves of garlic.
  • Heat in a low flame, so that the garlic cloves turn brownish.
  • Turn off the flame and here you go. Your oil for the common cold is ready.
  • For every use, heat it to get warm and take few drops on palm and mix throughout.
  • Apply throughout the face including eyes and nose. Massage for a minute better before sleeping. It will burn a bit on eyes and nose, but is really very effective to combat running nose.

You can also apply it on chest and neck with a nice massage. It will cure common cold effectively.

22. Tulsi Ginger Tea/decoction

tulsi tea for flu

Its an another trick which should be done for all common cold and flu affected ones. You can make it at home just by boiling both the things in crushed way. If you are taking a glass of water, then boil in medium-low flame till it gets 1/4th.

You can also add some honey for toddlers and kids, as its very hard in taste so kids will find it difficult to swallow.

33. Steam therapy and Nutmeg paste

This trick is for bigger ones, we will also give the another alternative for kids. For this you will need few drops of eucalyptus oil, a big bowl of boiling water and a soft towel.

Put the eucalyptus oil in boiling water and take the rising steam. During inhale, cover your head with towel so that only your face and the bowl in inside the towel. It will not allow any air to come inside, this will clear the mucus in nostrils and throat as well.

You can do this twice a day. For kids, just make a thick paste of nutmeg and mustard oil. Apply this on kid’s throat, nose and chest when they are asleep. This will clear the congestion and will help to cure common cold.

That’s it for Common cold and flu treatment naturally

These were three easy and effective tricks which will actually help to get rid of flu, congestion and cold as well.

Hope this post was useful. Share this to all and specially who are now suffering from cold and flu. Give this a try and share your experiences with us. We would love to hear what you have experienced and how you treated it.

Take care and live well!

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