15 Amazing health benefits of vegetable plant- Onion

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In our last post of ‘onion benefits‘, we talked about 6 benefits. Today we will be talking next 15 health benefits of onion. Commonly, we know onion as a simple spice cum vegetable. Here, we will be showing you how to use onion in different health problems.

In our last section of ‘Onion benefits‘, we talked about the general things about onion, its appearance, composition etc.

Nomenclature of Onion:

English name– Onion

Hindi name– Pyaz, kanda

Sanskrit name– Palandu, Yavneshth, Mukhdushak

Telugu name– Niruli

Gujrati name– Kando, Dungali, Dungari

Kingdom– Plantae

Family name– Liliaceae

Botanical nameAllium cepa

Now we shall be telling you the next 15 health benefits of Onion.

Health benefits of onion
Health benefits of onion

Health benefits of Onion:

1. Aids in Cold-

  • Give 10-20 ml juice of onion with 1 teaspoon of honey mixed in it.
  • Give this dosage as 2-3 times a day.
  • It is beneficial in curing cold.

2. Treats Otalgia/Ear pain-

  • Put 2-4 drops warm juice of onion in ears.
  • After one to two usages, it treats ear pain.

3. Treatment for Hoarseness of voice-

  • Roast onion in fire and crush the pulp.
  • Give 250 mg roasted borax to the patient followed by the pulp of roasted onion.
  • It clears the voice.

4. Strengthens Stomach-

  • Mix 1-2 onion in 50 gm vinegar and give this to the patient.
  • It improves digestion and strengthens the stomach.

5. Removes Kidney stones-

  • Give 10-20 ml fresh juice of onion thrice a day.
  • Continue this for 3 months.
  • It dissolves kidney stones, which then gets released through urine.

6. For Abdominal pain-

  • Mix lemon juice, salt and 1-2 teaspoon of onion juice.
  • Give this to the patient.
  • It treats abdominal pain.

7. Treats Asthma

  • Give 40-60 gm decoction of onion to the patient.
  • Give the dosage as, every morning and evening.

8. For Purgation-

  • Prepare tablets of 3 medium-sized onions and 10-15 gm leaves of tamarind.
  • Give these tablets to the patient on a daily basis.
  • It acts as purgative and cleanses the body.

9. Treats Burning sensation-

  • Give the decoction of onion on a daily basis.
  • It cures burning senstion while urination.

10. Normalizes menstrual cycle-

  • Take unripe onion on a daily basis in your food or salads./
  • It normalizes menstrual cycle.

11.Increases Sexual vigour-

  • Take 15-20 gm onion juice, honey and brandy everyday.
  • It enhances the body energy and also increases sexual vigour.
  • Take 1/2 kg onion, 2 kg honey and 250 gm sugar.
  • Mix them all to prepare a syrup.
  • Take 25 gm of this syrup everyday.

12. Relieves Arthritis pain-

  • Mix equal quantities of onion juice and mustard oil.
  • Use this mixture to massage.
  • It relieves the arthritis pain.

13. Good for Sun stroke

  • Apply its fresh juice on body.
  • It immediately cures the impact of heat stroke.

14. Deactivates Centipede venom-

  • Grind equal quantities of onion and garlic to make a paste.
  • Apply this on the affected area.
  • It nullifies the effect of venom.

15. Helpful in Blood disorders-

  • Take 50 ml onion juice and add 10 gm roasted white cumin seeds in it.
  • Give 1 gm of this mixture everyday to the patient.
  • It cures eczema, scabies and other blood disorders.

So these were the 15 health benefits of onion. You must be amazed by these benefits, right. For many onion is just a simple edible, but its benefits are much more than that.

If you too are suffering from any of such disorders, then must give onion a try. Share the post to all your near and dear ones. Take care and live well!


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