Herbal Remedies to cure Hair lice naturally

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You must have seen numerous insects, parasites, worms etc around your surroundings. Do you know, there are many host insects and parasites which lives inside and on your body too. They feed on your blood and body fluids. Like intestinal worms, they are those unwanted worms which produces  due to some imbalance of body balances. Here, we will be talking about louses which resides on your hairs and are called ‘Hair lice’. They belong from the parasite category.

What are Hair lice?

Growing lice on hairs
Growing lice on hairs

In Medical term, Hair lice are also named as ‘Pediculus  humanus’. These are the tiny, flat, wingless insects which often find their way into the scalp as parasites. They feed on your tender scalp; most preferably the brain side skull where the skin is softer and thin. They suck blood by biting the skin. This results in irritation and prickling pain which in chronic cases, causes thickening and pigmentation of the skin. Head lice occurs more frequently in children than in adults. The reason is tender and soft skin with warm blood which they can feed easily. It also comes under a type of hair problem. Beautiful hairs are the crown of one’s head, but these afflictions destroy the texture.

Symptoms of presence of Hair lice:-

Yet, this is a parasite. But it also has some of the indications and signs of its presence and growth which are given as follows-

  • Itching
  • Feeling of irritant and thorn pricking on scalp
  • Flakes of dandruff which are actually the nits
  • Roughened and bad texture of hairs
Stages of louse growth
Stages of louse growth

How do Hair Lice originates?

Now, a question comes to our mind. From where does these parasites comes to our scalp? Are they similar like those of bedbugs etc? Head lice are very infectious and can be easily acquired by head-to-head contact. They are common in persons who are crowded together and live in poor sanitary conditions. They spread rapidly during disasters.

Now, let’s talk how to remove these unwanted things from our crown type beautiful hairs. In India 6 out of 10 suffers from such conditions especially those living in rural and poor developed areas. Many are such who develops the tendency to develop these parasites again and again. This affects you both physically and mentally. There are many medicines, techniques available which has the tendency to kill the such. Why don’t you try the nature cure first. Nature has gifted us such fabulous techniques which are mend to remove ll kinds of infections; then why not these small parasites.

Herbal Remedies to cure Hair lice naturally:-

Following are some of the herbal/home remedies which will help you to get rid of such parasites-

  • First step to get rid of such parasite is; Cleanliness. Parasites develops in unwanted and unhygienic conditions only. you should stay fresh and clean first.
  • Don’t share pillows, towels, combs and hair-brushes from the persons who are affected with hair lice.
  • Take a ripe lemon and cut into two halves. apply its juice and rub the peel on your scalp. Leave it for 20-30 minutes. If there are some bitten areas of louse, then you might feel pain. After that wash with some mild shampoo. Repeat this once a week for 2-3 weeks. It will help you to get rid of lice naturally.
  • Stay hydrated. Hair lice develops on the scalp which is under-nourished and dry. So include 3-4 litres of water daily and stay hydrated.
  • A special comb with close-knit, teeth, which is easily available should be used. You should apply oil first on your hairs then use this comb.
  • Soak the scalp and hair for 24 hours with a mixture of equal parts of kerosene and vinegar. The head should be shampoo thoroughly with soap and hot water and dried with a towel.
  • The nits which are the small developing eggs of lice can be removed with a fine comb dipped in hot vinegar.
  • Another method to destroy the head lice is to dust five per cent DDT powder in 95 per cent  of inert talc into the hair nd scalp.
  • Apply a medicated oil prepared with neem oil, neem leaves, lemon juice and lemon peel. After that wrap your head with hot scarf or towel. Next morning, wash your hairs with some herbal shampoo. This treatment should be repeated weekly.
  • You can also apply 5 per cent of benzyl benzoate emulsion to all the itching areas of the scalp. It treats the itchiness and kills the lice.
  • Make a mixture of 80 per cent of sour curd 10 percent of vinegar and 10 person of any citric juice; preferably amla. Apply it as a hair mask and wash after 30 minutes. It kills the lice and nits too.

These were some of the natural procedures which are very good to get rid of such unwanted parasites. These are wholly natural and skin-friendly too. Take care and live well!

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