Protect your kids from cough and cold in spite of enjoying shower

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Do you also stop your kids enjoying the rain shower, just by the fear of cold and cough! Being a parent, this fear is common as nobody wants their little one to suffer from health problems. Today we will be telling you a very simple and effective technique, how to protect your kids from cough and cold even by enjoying pearly shower.

Kids and adults, everybody loves to enjoy the mild shower. Rain dance fills you with enjoyment and happiness! Why to stop this bliss of nature then, just by the nonsense fear of ailments!

Rain dance with no cough and cold:

kid enjoying the rain

kid enjoying the rain

Yes, you can do it! Even with a lovely shower in blissful rain, you can stay healthy and protected. Just by following these steps you can protect yourself from seasonal problems like cough, cold and allergies.

  • Make sure the rain is mild, not so much like heavy ones.
  • After a soothe bathing in your, take a bucket of lukewarm-hot water.
  • Put 2 tablespoons of antiseptic liquid such as dettol and a tablespoon of rock salt in it.
  • Let it mix and take a thorough head bath with this.
  • Wipe yourself, apply a few drops of mustard oil all over the body and wear soft cloths.
  • Make sure you take bath within 10 minutes after enjoying the rain.

It will keep you protected from such cold ailments. With the addition of rock salt and antiseptic liquid, it will make it germicidal, to clean away all kinds of harmful microbes.

Some more tips to stay prevented in rain:

cough and cold in kids

cough and cold in kids

Only outer cleaning is not enough, you also need to boost up your immunity and body systems, in order to stay well in monsoons.

Following are some of the tips to stay away from cough and cold even in rain.

  1. During monsoons, try to eat fresh and warm food always. It will clean away mucus and also good for health.
  2. Include optimum amount of ghee of clarified butter in your diet. Cow’s ghee is acts as lubricate in your body organs to keep it warm and healthy all around the cold climates.
  3. Ajwain, cumin seeds, garlic, nutmeg etc are some of the very essential ingredients to keep away cough and cold.
  4. Soups are very necessary during changing seasons. Opt for homemade soup, with lots of veggies and animal meat in it. It will keep you full and warm.

Rainy is a very beautiful season, only when you are healthy. Keep yourself healthy and enjoy the blissful shower to the fullest.

Hope you found the post useful. Share this to all your friends and relatives, and do not forget to comment us.

Have a happy monsoons!

She is a learner and health conscious person. She is always interested in seeking knowledge regarding Ayurveda, herbal medicine and Yoga to cure any health ailments naturally.

She holds a Bachelor Degree in Alternative Medicine and interested in Naturopathy.

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