Homemade Massage oil to get rid of Skin Infections and Pains

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It is the starting of monsoon, which brings several infections and body disorders with it. Today, we will be telling you about a simple remedy to beat all such infections, it is a massge oil.

Skin infections such as baltod, eruptions, itchiness etc are very common during monsoons. If not treated, these can become a big discomfort which is liked by none.

What people do for this?

To prevent such, many people start taking vaccines or medicinal supplements. They also use a lot of artifificial preparations, in order to abide the infections.

Even if they get protected result, those unwanted substance entered in your body, shows negative effects in future references.

All of us know, herbal things are better than everything. They are feasible, free from side-effects and most important thing ‘fully natural’. Today we will be telling you about a simple massage oil which is very effective to prevent such infections and also keeps you free from pain.

Let us see the ingredients and preparations of the massage oil:

Massage oil
Massage oil


How to prepare the oil?

  1. Take the mustard oil in a copper or steel vessel.
  2. Heat it on low flame, and add all the listed ingredients in it.
  3. Cook it till the oil slightly changes its color, the camphor disappears and the garlic buds gets brownish.
  4. Your oil is ready, let it cool, strain it and store in an airtight container.

How to use this?

  1. Use this oil to massage your full body, daily.
  2. You will feel an aromatic, camphor fragrance from it which actually spells its herbal properties.
  3. Massage your body well with this massage oil.

Benefits of the massage:

  • This very oil is very effective to treat all sorts of body pains, also the minor numbness of feet and soles.
  • This oil is anti-microbial in nature, thus prevents your body against all sorts of seasonal skin infections.
  • Applying this daily before going to bed, gives you a deep sleep and also treats insomnia.

Curative properties of the ingredients:

  1. Camphor, which is well-known for its infection killing properties, will help to prevent and treat all such skin infections.
  2. Garlic will erase the joint and body pains.
  3. Cinnamon is very effective to treat all sorts of numbness and other body disorders.
  4. Mustard, has been used as a massage oil since from the immemorial times.
  5. Cloves helps to treat colds and such seasonal flu’s.

In this way we saw how this oil is effective. Give it a try and do share your experiences with us. Take care and live well!

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