Natural Remedies for Menstrual disorders

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Hello guys, we are here with one of the commonly seen problems among women “Menstrual disorders”. With the advancement of our minds and lifestyle, the potency and quantity of maladies has also raised. Recently, many kinds of pathogens and diseases were discovered. What this shows? This shows the rapid growth of health declination. Well, here we will be talking about the natural remedies for different kinds of menstrual disorders.

Before moving to the remedies, we will be first talking about; what is menstruation?; problems related to menstruation then finally its natural remedies. We will also be comparing those alternative medicines with modern medicine. Guys, we will not be blaming or accusing modern techniques; it’s just a small trial of ours to show how natural remedies can be the best option for such silent disorders well, lets proceed-

What is Menstruation?


Menstruation is the regular recurring physiological changes found in human females at average interval of 28 to 29 days throughout their reproductive life from menarche to menopause. Menarche is the first occurence of menstruation which occurs at the age of 10-12 whereas menopause is the ending of menstruation. It generally occurs between the age of 45-50. Menstrual cycle is characterized by vaginal discharge of eroded endometrial lining along with blood residue.

Importance of Menstruation:-

  • When a girl reaches to the age of puberty; where menstruation is characterised two hormones namely estrogen and progesterone are produced in a pair of almond-shaped organs; known as ovaries.
  • These hormones give the women strength and stamina and are largely responsible for the peculiarly feminine shape of her body.
  • It is like a gift for women where they can stay healthy; that is why after menopause there are the arrival of many bone related and other health problems in women.
  • The menstrual flow is a provision of nature to cleanse the inner surface of the womb and enable reproduction to take place normally.

Problems related to Menstruation or Menstrual disorders:-

Widely, there are three types of menstrual disorders; they are

  1. Dysmenorrhoea
  2. Amenorrhoea 
  3. Menorrhoea 

These three are characterised with their own symptoms; we will be talking about each in detail.

1. Dysmenorrhoea-

It is also called Painful menstruation. It is a very common occurrence these days; especially between the age of 18-30. Many of us considers as the normal one; but can be fatal for health even. If one is noticing regularly; then it can due to the toxic condition of the system. If pain is noticeable two or three days before the flow; it shows that ovaries are not functioning well. Pain immediately before the flow can be due to uterine flexion; it means that the position of the womb i abnormal. When the pain arise heavily during menstruation; it means that the womb is inflamed itself. These can be fatal and normal even.

2. Amenorrhoea-

In general terms, it is also called stoppage of menstrual flow. Stoppage of menstruation during pregnancy and at menopause; is common but abnormal at any other time.  Many women notice very infrequent periods or paused ones.If the cycle is going frequently and regular and a sudden stoppage is noticed then it can be due to the deformity in sex organs. Causes contributing to this are anaemia, grief, worry, emotional disturbances, malformation of the womb, displacement of womb and many more.

3. Menorrhoea-

Profuse menstrual flow is common in certain women and usually denotes a blood or calcium deficiency. A variety of causes may be responsible; but the toxic condition of system at the root matters the most.

Allopathic cure for Menstrual disorders:-

In Allopath  or Modern medicine, for such cases mainly pain killers or antibiotics are prescribed. For the stoppage of mensuration, certain medications even the surgical methods are used. Modern medicine is an approach to treat the illness but as a fact; is not affordable by everyone. Many people are not able to go with such treatments; the best and the easiest way for all is ‘Natural Remedies’. Here we will be talking about some natural healing methods which is eco-friendly and free from extra expenditure.

Natural Remedies for Menstrual disorders:-


When you feel cold and cough; what is the first aid you opt for? Either one starts having warm water, or go for herbal tea or steam inhalation. What are these? These are the parts of natural cure. It is the prime and the easiest way that everyone can opt for. Talking about menstrual disorders, these are the gifts of unhygienic lifestyle, improper diet, carelessness and many other reasons. Let’s go to the nature; and find the cure of such problems! Following we are giving some curative methods which are really useful for the treatment of such.

  • For heavy pains, hot hip baths just before menstruation is beneficial.
  • In such case, a special care on diet and intake should be there. Ample amount of vegetables, proteins, nuts, milk, water, fruits should be there.
  • In any of the three cases, there should be avoidance of junk foods. Actually, junk stuffs are the things which are responsible for severe pain during menstruation.
  • Keep in mind, whatever your diet intake is for the month; same case you feel during those four days. If you are careful and having a good diet then as a fact; your menstrual cycle will be smooth and eased.
  • For the treatment of Amenorrhoea, give up all the stresses nd worries. These are the prime factors which results in such disorders.
  • Increase the amount of calcium and iron in your diet. Pomegranate, beets, spinach, nuts, milk and milk products. Take them in ample amount.
  • For the first few days of treatment; diet should consist only of milk and raw vegetables.
  • A great care should be taken to avoid exertion and straining of the body.
  • A big cup of salads, soup, milk, water, steamed vegetables etc should be there in your diet.
  • Many women for the immediate treatment uses painkillers and other drugs. These are very bad and should be avoided.
  • Heavy foods such as coffee, tea, pickles, white flour, condiments, candies etc should be avoided as these cn make your case persist.
  • During these four days, use warm and hot water for bathing. a hot water bag should be used to treat the pain in abdominal area.
  • Beet juice has been found very effective for menstrual disorders. Fresh beet juice should be given for twice to thrice a day.
  • Boil 6 gm of coriander seeds in a half litre of water. Boil till the water gets half. Add sugar candy to it and drink when it gets warm.
  • For the case of Amenorrhoea and Dysmenorrhoea, take herbal tea induced with ginger in it. Ginger is a very good and effective remedy in such cases.
  • Gently massage the abdominal and stomach area with warm sesame seeds.
  • Prepare a decoction of powdered safflower seeds. Give 120 ml of this decocotion to the patient once a day.
  • Grapes, apple, litchis, black plum, coconut water etc should be given on a regular interval.
  • For the better periods, divide your meals to 6 times a day with healthy stuffs like milk, fruits, nuts, vegetables, juices, coconut water etc.

Girls, these period problems are not a big thing to deal with. Just keep yourselves jolly and happy with a healthy diet. You will notice the change in your life. Your habits only; either turns those four days to paining one or normal ones. Choice is yours! Take care and live well!

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