Strengthen your Spine with Yoga pose- Karnapidasana

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Our spine or vertebral column helps to keep our back erect and fit. Now strengthen this, through the medium of Yoga. Today we will be talking about a yoga pose for spine strength called Karnapidasana.

We all know about yoga asana called; Halasana. Today our current topic is on something same as it. It is a little-twisted form of halasana. Let us see it.

What is Karnapidasana?

Karnapidasana yoga pose
Karnapidasana yoga pose

Karnapidasana or Knee to ear pose is made of three words; karna means ear, pida means pain or discomfort and asana means pose or position. It allows your spine to be erected and also has several other benefits.

Steps for Karnapidasana:

  1. Like Halasana, rest the legs at the back of the head and bend both the knees, so it is touching the ears.
  2. Rest you have to follow the steps of Halasana.
  3. Do the same, as shown in the figure.

Benefits of Karnapidasana:

  • As the name spells, Karnapidasana is very good to cure any problem related to ears.
  • Calms your brain and abides depression.
  • Strengthens your spine and makes it flexible.
  • It is also very good for those suffering from infertility.
  • It also stimulates your internal organs like thyroid, and prostate glands.
  • Tones up your thighs and buttocks.

Contradictions for Karnapidasana:

There are several contradictions and precautionary measures related to the asana, some of them are given as follows-

  • Among females, it should be avoided during the days of menstruation.
  • Those suffering from neck problems should avoid it.
  • Patients with high blood pressure should not go or this.

Before performing the asana, one should practice halasana. It makes your body much comfortable with this and thus you can do the pose nicely. In order to avoid any sort of injury, make sure that you take the advice of the yoga instructor before going through the asana.

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