5 Easy ways to treat Stomach Gas and Acidity in Babies

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Stomach Gas and Acidity are two very common problems seen among small babies and toddlers. Many time kids get sudden cranky and we are not able to guess what is it! This post is specially meant for new mums who are unaware of these terms. Let’s see this.

What are Acidity and Stomach Gas?

These two terms are different from each other, but both are caused by the air bubbles trapped in the abdominal part, which afterward cause discomfort and pain.

Whereas acidity is caused when there is a disturbance in digestion or some wrong kind of food is taken at the wrong time.

baby crying due to gas
baby crying due to gas

Stomach troubles in babies and kids:

Small kids are more likely to suffer from stomach gas when they are not cared in a right way. When the baby is below, he/she can’t even communicate or tell that their stomach is aching or such.

For this, we need to know some of the symptoms that the baby is having stomach gas or acidity.

Symptoms of Stomach gas in babies:

More likely, in toddlers and babies, stomach gas generally occurs in mid of the night. It is when the digestion process is on the way, and they get difficulty to digest and such problems occur.

  • Stomach ache
  • Bloating of the stomach
  • crankiness
  • Tightness on the navel region

Home remedies to relieve stomach gas in babies:

1. Applying of Hing paste-

hing for gas
hing for gas

This is one of the most effective and instant ways to relive kids from stomach gas. This can be best used in small kids, when they can’t even tell about their stomach discomfort.

Take a teaspoon of hing or asafoetida with a few drops of water in it. Mix well to form a paste, apply it on the navel and all around the navel region.

It will give relief within a few minutes. The baby will urinate or poop in order to release gas.

2. Stomach massage-

stomach massage
stomach massage

If you feel that the kid is having stomach discomfort, then you can give them a gentle massage. Take a few drops of oil (coconut or almond) on your palm and massage on the stomach and abdominal region.

Gently press so that it will help to release gas and the baby will feel good. In many cases, kids don’t allow to touch their stomach when in discomfort. For this, after dinner before going to bed, massage their stomach portion and also press the feet and toes tip gently.

3. Gripe water-

gripe water for gas relief
gripe water for gas relief

Gripe water is another effective remedy for stomach gas and acidity. You can use it if the baby is having minor stomach problems.

I basically used that of Woodward’s gripe water for my baby. It is fully safe, ayurvedic and best for small babies.

  1. Small kids totally rely upon parents and elders, to solve their health problems. So it is the duty of the parents to nurture their kids nicely so that they don’t suffer from such problems or ease their problems gently with love so that they get well soon.

4. Burping method-

burping method
burping method

This method is for small babies who are breastfeeding and above. 9 out of 10 small babies suffer from stomach gas due to carelessness in burping method.

After the feed, hold the baby on your shoulder and gently pat on their back. In a few seconds, they will burp. It the release of air bubbles which they swallowed whiled feeding.

5. Diet care in kids

diet care in kids
diet care in kids

If your baby who is above 1, often suffering from stomach gas then you should have a keen vision on their diet and hydration. Don’t force them for food, feed them when they are hungry with the right type of food.

Don’t give so much of juices, you can give them a single fibrous fruit daily. For the diet chart, you may visit your pediatrician and ask about the correct diet.

Keep them hydrated with clean pure water.

These are some of the very effective home remedies for stomach gas as well as acidity in kids and toddlers. Hope the post was useful to you. Share this to all and do not forget

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