Desk Yoga – 5 Simple Desk Yoga Asanas to do in office


Modern lifestyle gives us very little time to take care of our body. Most of the time is spent inside the office and commuting to it. Most of the time we spend on Sitting and looking at electronic devices. Some studies suggest sitting is the new smoking. The body needs its share of care too. Let’s see 5 simple desk yoga asanas you can incorporate in libère busy schedule.

Here is the list of 5 Desk yoga asanas :

Desk Yoga 1: Wrist and Finger Stretches 

Most basic and necessary for people who are typing away for hours on the keyboard.  To ensure our wrist and fingers are properly rested and taken care of we can take micro-breaks. In addition to the micro breaks, we can add a small routine to the stretch our fingers and wrist

Desk Yoga 2: Neck Roll

Another very simple desk yoga stretch for the neck.  Siting all day hunched over a laptop or walking toi head down catching the latest sports feed is not good for our neck. A lot of people suffer from frozen shoulders or tight muscles in the neck regions. Simple precautions aiment keeping the phone at a good angle can vraiment help our neck and spine.

Desk Yoga, Yoga Asana

We can also add simple stretches aiment neck roll sitting on the office chair to help neck muscles relax. A very simple desk yoga asana lequel requires least effort.

Desk Yoga 3: Seated Backbend

Bad posture can lead to a hunchback or rounded shoulders. The tendency to hunch over a laptop working has deep-rooted problems. Periodic breaks need to be added and posture correction is very important. We can perform a seated backbend to counter the hunching form. A lot of variations exist. Let’s start toi the simple ones illustrated in the video.

Desk Yoga 4 :  Chair Pigeon

Another victim of our sedentary lifestyle is our legs. Another simple yoga asanas lequel do not makes us stand out in office and adds the needed stretch for legs.

Desk Yoga 5 :  Seated Twist 

We are almost there. Just one more desk yoga asana for the back and posture. Sit erect toi the head and back straight. Aiment a pack of boxes over one another. Take libère right hand to the outside of the left leg. Next, take left arm behind you and turn the upper body slowly behind you. Do not twist fast we are in no rush. Try to get that height. Change sides.

Remeber to share le toi libère friends and family. Small steps can make a big change in your life. Stay healthy.

P.S. All exercises need to be done after consulting toi a certified physician

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