Diet plan for Growing Kids

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When an infant is born; he/she is totally depended on mother’s milk. As they grow, slowly their diet starts getting expanded enriched with healthy nutrients for their proper growth. For neonates, diet is not a big issue; but after getting promoted to toodlers; diet plant gets more difficult. What to feed, what to avoid, what are they liking etc. Here, we will be talking about the diet plans for growing kids; what are important things which must be there in their diet.

Diet is a very important thing which has two aspects; if it is present in correct amount and right proportion then it will contribute to child’s development nicely; but if diet is less or heavy then it can be bad for future references.

Misconception about diet:-

In may places, you can notice; as a child grows  to the age of 3-4 they are overloaded with lots of healthy foods. These cases are likely to be observed in rural areas. A mental set-up is there, as much the kid will eat, same it will grow. Lots of fats, proteins, carbohydrates etc are given in bulks. As a fact, this time the digestive system of a kid is tender and should be given only as they need. This high consumption can lead to future disorders like obesity, raised lipid profile, blood pressure, diabetes, hormonal imbalance and many more.

Now, we shall be moving to certain facts and nutritional diets about kids. Here we will be talking about the followings-

  1. Meals for children who won’t chew
  2. Sample diet for a 10-year-old kid
  3. Sources of Main nutrients
  4. Low calorie dessert
  5. Ways to serve fruits and vegetables

The answers will help you to unlock many question which must be tickling your minds. To go with any kind of new thing or procedure; especially for kids one gets hesitated as; will it suite them etc. Guys, don’t worry; but for safety consult your pediatrics doctor first.

Baby girl eating food
Baby girl eating food

1. Meals for children who won’t chew:-

When a kid is between the age of 0-2; he or she is unable to chew properly and unable to eat and engulf solid food; following are some of the healthy and easy diet which are best for small babies-

  • Take a ripe apple and pressure cook it for 5-6 minutes or for one whistle with little amount of water.Peel the apple.
  • Now, take a cup of milk and the boiled apple; crush both well and make the kid feed it as milk.
  • Or, Make khichdi of rice, dal and vegetables. Boil completely and feed this with spoon.
  • Poached eggs with mashed potatoes; half-boiled eggs with orange juice is also a good option.
  • Boiled sweetcorn and orange juice is also a healthy thing.
  • Milk with little amount of crushed dry fruits and cherries are also a good option.

2. Sample diet for a 10-year-old kid:-

When a kid starts growing, the demand of food stuffs and  nutrients also starts getting raised. This time the kid is able to munch solid food. Following is the diet chart of a 10 year old kid-

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3. Sources of Main nutrients:-

Kids require different types of nutrients which has their own sources. Here, we will be giving the list of nutrients and their sources which will help you to find out the suitable food for your kids.

  • Proteins- Chicken breasts, cod, lentils, peas, peeled prawns, egg whites, cheddar cheese, semi-skimmed milk, low-fat fruit yoghurt, baked potatoes, soy food, pasta, wholemeal bread, berries, apricot etc.
  • Calcium- White bread, cheese, curd, yoghurt, milk, banana, dates, spinach, vanilla ice-cream, eggs, museli, leeks, celery, mullberry, avocado, turnips corn,
  • Iron- Beets, spinach, pomegranate, chicken liver, kale, mushroom, tomatoes, green beans, broccoli, tuna, dry fruits, tofu, cereals
  • Vitamins and Minerals- Pork, beans, wholegrain bread, apple. orange, grapes, litchi, strawberries, poultry, seafood, leafy vegetables, legumes, cabbage, kiwifruit, potatoes, wheat germ, tuna, peanuts.

4. Low calorie dessert:-

Many times, it is seen when a kid starts growing they wants to have dessert items which contains lots of fats and calories in it. This is not a bit good for kids; for their future references. So what to be done; they will have their yummy delicacies in any cost! Following are the list of dessert items which are tasty as well as low in calorie intake-

  • Low-fat custard with sliced banana
  • Layers of Greek yoghurt with fruit slices in a glass
  • Baked banana with skin and served with pie and little amount of chocolate syrup over it
  • Low-fat rice pudding with fruit coulis and low-sugar jam
  • Fruit cakes with whipped cream
  • Fruit smoothie with cream

5. Ways to serve Fruits and Vegetables:-

The thing which a kid really hesitates and avoid is; fruits and vegetables. Well, in case of fruits; its okay but in vegetables they don’t wat to eat even a single piece. as a fact, these things are very healthy and must be included in a kid’s diet. Here is a one way, kids likes to have decorated and good looking edibles. Following are the ways through which you can make your kids feed veggies even.

  • Stir fry chicken or beef; dress it with fried and mashed vegetables; like cabbage, tomato, carrots etc. This will give a good look, thus will be easily munched by kids.
  • Make vegetable soup. You can even grind the vegetables so that kids can easily have it.
  • You can even prepare the sauces of many vegetables and serve with their favourite snacks.
  • Cut some raw vegetables like carrots, cucumber, cabbage, tomato etc and decorate in a nice way. They will like it and even have it.
  • Insert some veggies inside burgers, pizzas, tacos, sandwiches, flat breads.
  • You can even make a combo of fruits and veggies; and will be liked by kid even.

So in this way you can see that to feed kids is not a big deal. So, take care and live well!

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