5 Amazing Health benefits of Ajwain water you should know about

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Hey guys, today we will be talking about one of the herb called Ajwain or  Carom. Like many other herbs, it is also filled with miraculous benefits. Today we will be telling you 5 surprising health benefits of Ajwain water. 

Let’s see this.

A brief note about Ajwain:

Ajwain is a herb plant which has an aromatic pleasant fragrance. Ajwain or carom is beneficial in all forms, whether in seeds, leaves or any other.

The seeds are widely used to add taste to your food. In addition it also gives you health promotion due to its health benefits. Ajwain leaves are used to prepare pakodas, bhajji etc; whereas the seeds are used n curries, puri, ajwain water, tea and many more.

It is mostly known as a spice ingredient, but the benefits are much more than this.

5 Health benefits of drinking Ajwain water:

ajwain water health benefits

ajwain water health benefits

Let’s come to our concerned article. Now we will know what are the benefits of ajwain drink.

1. Treatment of Insomnia

Insomnia is a case when people find it difficult to get a sound sleep. It’s very hectic and disturbs your whole day. For Insomnia ones, before going to bed sip a cup of ajwain water, in warm form.

It will give you a sound sleep and gradually Insomnia will also be treated.

2. As a Fat cutter drink-

This ajwain drink is very good to cut down belly fat and other shabby looking fats in the body. You just put 2 glasses of water in a thermoplastic and use like water in short intervals.

It is very good for weight loss, specially for ones who can’t control diet and lazy ones.  It can be taken as tea, with a few drops of lemon and a pinch of black salt in it. It is much healthier than regular tea.

It’s regular use will make you slim and look attractive even.

3. Aid after normal delivery-

After the normal delivery, ajwain water must be taken by the mother; about 2 glasses a day. It aids in blood circulation and also relieves your uterus muscles from fatigue.

It also heals back pain and extra deposits of fat after the delivery.

4. Best drink during Winters and Monsoons-

During winters, the climate outside is chilling and cold. In addition blowing winds may make you sick with fever, cold and other monsoonal problems.

In such, intake of a glass of ajwain tea daily boosts your metabolism and keeps you healthy throughout the season.

5. Home remedy for Diabetes and Cholesterol

If you are in the risk or under these health issues then, from today only include ajwain water in your daily lifestyle. It lowers the risk of diabetes and also keeps it balanced.

For cholesterol problems too, it cleans the plaque and improves circulation.

How to prepare Ajwain water?

ajwain seeds

ajwain seeds

Now let us know how to prepare Ajwain water.

  • Take 4 cups of water with 2 teaspoons of ajwain seeds into it.
  • Let it soak for 15 minutes, then bring the water with seeds boil in a medium-low flame.
  • The steam arising is very beneficial for sinus and cold affected patients.
  • Boil till it remains half, you will notice the water has turned yellowish-golden.
  • Let it cool under room temperature.
  • Your ajwain water is ready.

How to use this?

  • It can be used in different ways, but the most common way is to use it in empty stomach. Although, you must consult an Ayurvedic physician to know how it will suit you.
  • You can also take it after meals, with a pinch of black salt for taste.
  • Make sure you do not take more than 4 glasses of ajwain water.

Side effects of Ajwain water:

Excess of everything is bad! This is also with this miraculous drink of ajwain. It may do harm too if taken in large quantities. However, some of the contradictions of ajwain water is given below.

  • Pregnant woman should only take it, when having constipation or acidity. It should be in small quantity.
  • One suffering from stomach ulcer or ulcerative colitis should avoid it.
  • If taken in larger quantities, it can also cause mouth ulcers, gas troubles and others.

So this was ajwain water and the details regarding it. Hope you found the post useful and good. Share this to all your relatives and friends, and do not forget to leave a comment below. Take care and live well.

She is a learner and health conscious person. She is always interested in seeking knowledge regarding Ayurveda, herbal medicine and Yoga to cure any health ailments naturally.

She holds a Bachelor Degree in Alternative Medicine and interested in Naturopathy.

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