Reduce Weight and bad Cholesterol with this Ayurvedic remedy


Heavy weight is liked by none. It not only looks bulge but is also an invitation for diseases and maladies! We try a lot to keep our body fit, but it becomes a big challenge. Let us talk about a very easy and effective Ayurvedic remedy to reduce weight and bad cholesterol.

First let us discuss what is cholesterol, then we will be able to understand the remedy better.

What is Cholesterol?

Cholesterol is a waxy substance that circulates in your blood.  Your body uses it to create cells, hormones, and Vitamin D. Cholesterol doesn’t dissolve in the blood.  Instead, it bonds to carriers called lipoproteins, which transport it between cells.

Why LDL is called bad cholesterol?

Cholesterol isn’t all bad. It’s an essential fat that the cells in your body need. LDL called Low Density Lipoprotive affects your healthy adversely and can induce the chances of heart problems etc in your body. Higher levels of LDL raise your risk of heart disease.

The cholesterol level in the body is measured through ‘lipid profile test’. In this you are assured the ranges of triglycerides, HDL, LDL and VLDL in your body.

Cholesterol can be very bad for your health, if the bad one is increased. Commonly, cholesterol problems are seen among those who are obese. The best way to curb it, is to reduce weight. Today we shall be giving you a very easy home remedy which will help you reduce weight and also treat cholesterol levels.

Reduce weight
Reduce weight with ayurvedic spices

Ayurvedic home remedy to reduce weight:

It simply includes ingredients from your kitchen and has miraculous effect on your weight.


  1. Roasted cumin seeds- 50 gm
  2. Fenugreek seeds– 50 gm
  3. Coriander seeds- 50 gm
  4. Fennel seeds- 50 gm
  5. Black pepper– 25 gm
  6. Long pepper– 25 gm
  7. Dry ginger– 25 gm
  8. Cinnamon sticks- 25 gm

How to prepare to reduce weight and bad cholesterol?

  • Grind all the ingredients to form a fine powder.
  • Take this 1/2 teaspoon twice a day, after meals added in a cup of warm water.
  • It enhances your digestive power helps to reduce weight and also proper your cholesterol balance.

It is the very easy remedy against heavy weight and increased levels of cholesterol. One should try this without any carelessness, it will surely work. Take care and live well!


  1. I have started giving this preparation to my wife, as she has the problem of obesity. She complains that the medicine is so spicy. Can we take the medicine along with honey / mishri, / jaggery.

    • Yes, if you are getting the medicine spicy, then add some honey or jaggery to it. Don’t go for sugar, it will reverse the effect of medicine.
      Don’t just rely on this, do proper exercise, brisk walk, yoga etc. Avoid extra starchy and carbohydrate rich food.
      If you want more suggestion on this then , give all the specific minute details concerned to body weight etc. It will enable us to get proper idea about the cure and treatment process.

  2. Thanks for your reply. Here am giving minute to minute details of her body – Her age 42. Height 5.2 Weight 69Kg.
    Please suggest the treatment process.

    • According to BMI calculator, she is in overweight category. Still, correct diet, exercise and healthy lifestyle will work a lot.
      1. Start your day with a glass of lemon water, which is best start to reduce weight.
      2. Go for brisk walk for 30 minutes. You can also include yogasanas like balasana, butterfly pose, bhujangasana etc. Don’t exert pressure, or it can worsen the condition.
      3. No need to go for tasteless diet! Just limit carbohydrates, starchy and junk food. It is summer so watery food like cucumber, gourds, melons, green leaves etc are very good.
      4. If you are having a sedentary lifestyle then turn it to active. Bring out little changes, like using stairs instead of lifts etc.

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