Natural Home Remedies to get rid of Thyroid Diseases

home remedies for thyroid
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Let’s understand Thyroid in brief

Thyroid disease is a common disease that can be detected by anyone belonging to any age group. However, this is more common in women than men. The thyroid gland is a small, butterfly-shaped organ found in the neck, in front of the voice-box (also known as the larynx). The thyroid hormones control the speed at which the body works along with the metabolism that affects our heart rate, digestion, body temperature, and energy level. It has huge effects on our bodies. The right amount of thyroid hormones play an important role in maintaining our body as being in a lesser quantity reduces its working speed and higher levels of these hormones could be disastrous. 

remedies for thyroid

There are two types of thyroid hormones. They are:

  1. Triiodothyronine (T3)
  2. Thyroxine (T4)

The thyroid gland is controlled by the pituitary gland. If the hormone levels are low, the pituitary gland releases thyroid-stimulating hormones(TSH) to force the thyroid gland into producing more hormones. If the thyroid hormones are higher than the threshold, the pituitary gland releases a lesser amount of TSH, just enough for the gland to function properly, maintaining a good balance.

How thyroid problem occurs

Thyroid problems generally occur due to nutritional imbalance in our bodies. One such issue is Hypothyroidism, which can lead to a puffed face, fatigue, body swelling, low immunity, muscular cramps, and weight gain. These symptoms do not accurately indicate thyroid disease. So before any medication, treatment, or home remedies please consult your doctor or take a test if you have a particular health problem. Only after that, you should work around with your doctor or the prescribed home remedies.

There could be various reasons for hypothyroidism such as:

  • Iodine deficiency,
  • pregnancy complications,
  • poor diet,
  • genetics, or
  • hormonal disbalance.

Thyroid issues could lead to various other issues such as goiter, nodules, eye disease, and cancer which could be difficult to treat.

Another major thyroid issue is hyperthyroidism, where the hormone levels are too high due to an overactive thyroid. In hyperthyroidism, our body’s metabolism slows down which leads to tiredness, body aches, anxiety, and a sour mood. If not treated properly, it could have an adverse impact on the growth and development of our body. The frequency of the symptoms can be quite erratic. Sometimes they show up over a couple of days and in some cases, it takes years before the first symptom gets reflected on our body. 

Thyroid disorders are diagnosed by testing our blood samples for thyroid hormone levels. Apart from the generic medication, there are some natural home remedies that could help you in getting rid of this disorder.

Natural home remedies for thyroid:

It is observed that the consumption of:

Foods to avoid for thyroid patients

vegetables for thyroid

However, there are a few food items that one should avoid if a thyroid issue is detected. They include:

  • high sugar foods, 
  • cabbage,
  • cauliflower,
  • tofu,
  • broccoli,
  • leafy vegetables, and
  • peanuts.

Foods to eat to treat thyroid:

  • Instead, one should prefer consuming selenium-rich food like brown rice, yogurt, sunflower seeds, etc.
  • You can add Vitamin B12 to your diet as low thyroid hormones can affect our maintenance levels. Various sources for Vitamin B12 could be peas, beans, cheese, sesame seeds, milk, egg, etc.
  • In case of hyperthyroidism, a lesser salt intake is always advised along with a protein-rich diet. 

Yoga and meditation can help too

yoga for thyroid

Physical treatments include yoga as it regulates the hormonal distribution in our body. You can practice below yoga asanas :

  1. Shoulder Stand Pose
  2. Camel Pose
  3. Bridge Pose
  4. Plough Pose
  5. Fish Pose
  6. Cobra Pose
  7. Bow Pose

Exercise and meditation could work wonders in handling stress that often regulates the thyroid hormone levels. One should always avoid the consumption of artificial iodine supplements as it may cause an abnormal growth of iodine which would be harmful to the thyroid gland. These home remedies for thyroid are for general information only. Please consult your doctor before adopting any home remedies in your daily life.

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