Yogasana for strengthening back muscles- Dhanurasana

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There are many yogasanas which are specialized to cure some specific kinds of diseases and ailments. In the starting, yogasanas are good for everyone; but as it starts getting distinguished; it gets divided into parts which has their own values and benefits. Here, we will be talking about a yogasana which is specially meant to cure back problems; it is called ‘Dhanurasana‘.

You all must be thinking, how actually does this asanas get their name. They get their name with some Sanskrit terms and added with some prefix and suffix itself. Well, here our concerned point is this very yogasana.

What is Dhanurasana?

In this asana, your body posture tends to be like a bow. It is also called ‘Bow pose’. In this very yogasana, limbs as well as the back area is pressurized which helps you to get rid of back pain, arthritis problem. It strengthens your back and abdominal muscles as well as avoids stiffness. It is made from two Sanskrit words called’; Dhanur which means a bow, and asana which means pose or posture.
Bow pose Dhanurasana
Bow pose Dhanurasana

Steps for Dhanurasana:-

One should perform this asana with a great ease and patience. As a fact, it is not so simpler to be performed at the first time. It will take a regular practice and dedication to be performed easily.
  1. Lie on the stomach with your chin resting on the ground.
  2. Your arms should be extended alongside the body and the legs should be straight.
  3. Bend your legs back towards the hips and bring them forward and gently grasp your ankles.
  4. Inhale and raise your thighs, chest and heat at the same time.
  5. It should be like your body must look like a U.
  6. Keep your hands straight.
  7. This time the weight of the body should rest mainly on the navel region.
  8. Therefore, arch your spine as much as possible.
  9. Exhale and return slowly to the starting position; just by reversing the procedure.

Benefits of Dhanurasana:-

Now, we should be talking about the benefits of Dhanurasana.

  • It provides a good exercise for the arms, shoulders, legs, ankles, back as well as the neck.
  • It is one of the best yogacise to strengthen your spine.
  • It relieves flatulence and constipation.
  • It also improves the functioning of intestines and pancreas.
  • It also cures disorders related to kidneys and renal portion.

Tip: One suffering from weak heart, high blood pressure, stomach ulcers and bowel problems should not perform this. It can even make their case worsen.

So,in this way we saw the detailed description of Dhanurasana. It is a very good yogacise and takes very less time. Take care and live well!

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