Yogasana to reduce Anxiety- Makarasana

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In the present world, all are suffering from some kinds of mental pressure and tensions such as anxiety and worries. In order to make your performance eased and well, it is very important for you to stay mentally well and awaken. In all these things, Yoga definately works. It can be said as ‘Rambaan ilaz’ for all such mental issues. Here we will be talking about an asana which is well suited for mental retardation.

So our concerned topic is yogasana and we will be talking about ‘Makarasana’. It is quite easier to perform yet very effective.

What is Makarasana?

The Makarasana is named for an ancient sea creature, but is often referred to as the Crocodile Pose.Makarasana or the Crocodile pose is a yoga asana used for relaxation. In Sanskrit, ‘Makar’ means crocodile and ‘Asana’ means a pose. Makarasana is a yogic pose useful for people with back and shoulder problems.

How to do Makarasana?

Crocodile pose

Crocodile pose

There are several steps which are recommended for Makarasana; you need to perform these steps very well; and in a patience way to gain proper health.

Steps for Makarasana:-

  1. Lie flat on your abdomen
  2. Spread your legs, with heels pointing towards each other.
  3. Bring your left hand under the right shoulder and grasp it.
  4. Grasp the left shoulder with your right hand, keeping the elbows together; one upon the other on the ground.
  5. Now, your face should be between your crossed hands.
  6. Relax and breathe normally for two or three minutes.
  7. Then after sometimes gradually go back to the sitting position.
  8. Do it for 3 to four times; as per your capacity.
  9. It is one of the best asana to do and is highly beneficial.

Now, we shall be talking about the benefits of Makarasana.

Benefits of Makarasana:-

  •  It gives deep relaxation to the shoulders and the spine.
  • Crocodile pose reduces stress and tension, promotes sleep, regulates blood pressure and reduces anxiety.
  • It can benefit all parts of the body as it stretches your body almost from head to toe.
  • The pose has therapeutic applications like using the pose to get rid of fatigue, constipation, flatulence, indigestion and back pain.

Contradiction: It has only one contradiction that it should not be performed by a pregnant women. It can harm the mother as well as the developing foetus.

So, in this way we saw the benefits and description of Crocodile pose which is also called Makarasana. So, stay healthy and live well!

She is a learner and health conscious person. She is always interested in seeking knowledge regarding Ayurveda, herbal medicine and Yoga to cure any health ailments naturally.

She holds a Bachelor Degree in Alternative Medicine and interested in Naturopathy.

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