A beautiful day with Ayurveda – beauty regimen unearthed  

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Ayurveda advocates natural beauty, do you want to have eternal beauty? If yes, read further these wonderful tips ahead. Ayurveda, the ancient herbal wisdom has countless beauty recipes starting from glowing golden yellow turmeric to soothing, healing green aloe vera. Whether you need moisturization or added tone to your skin, Ayurvedic recipes can help you equally. 

Ayurveda beauty tips
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Daily tale of enhancing the beauty 

  • You need to plan your daily diet and lifestyle which suits your beauty regimen. 
  • Keep your mind focused in positivity, see how beautiful the nature is, the green meadows and the chirping birds and listen to their sounds with utmost pleasure! You can also opt for going out in the countryside for a walk in the early morning or evenings when the sun is also soft in its glance. 
  • You need something to drink after your walk to keep yourself hydrated right, have a cup of golden milk – turmeric milk or even plain fresh fruit juices like lemonade or orange juice. Aha, sounds soothing and colorful to even the senses, right? 
  • Have a refreshing oil bath with water boiled with leaves of castor, tamarind etc. . This can reduce the increased wind energy Vata in your body and relieve exhaustion and fatigue naturally. 
  • Take a rest for a while. Concentrate on your breath, have some deep breaths, inspiration and expiration cycles. Yes, you can have pranayama sitting in Sukh Asana. You can also listen to joyous instrumental music or mantra chants while doing this. Imagine you are experiencing bliss and are a blessed soul able to perform a higher good for society. 
  • Have some motivational book or book of your interest to make you think more about your existence and life purpose. You can also write something creative, if you are interested to boost your creative talents. 

Ayurvedic beautifying explained

natural beauty tips
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When you feel a little bit exhausted from the strong sun rays in the mid-day time, you can apply a face pack with Aloe vera gel and rosewater to make your skin moisturized and healed. As per the nature of your skin, you can use ingredients to modify your face pack.

 You can use Triphala water or Vetiver water to wash your face. if you are having dry skin, you can apply Aloe vera gel and if it is too oily, neem powder can help you. If you are having Multani mitti also handy with you, it will help to reduce the oiliness of your face effectively. It also cleanses your face with ease.  For your hair, hibiscus and shikakai powder makes easy to use and beneficial herbal shampoos. Nowadays, herbal hair washes are also available. You can also use them if having a busy lifestyle. At least on the weekends when you have some time, cherish these to get a simply glowing beauty and health. 

In your diet, add spices like black pepper and turmeric to improve your digestion and body metabolism. Yes, a pinch of these improves your appetite, adds antioxidant quality to your diet, and made you immune to possible external microbes too. You can also resort to Ayurvedic supplements like Chyavan Prasha for added benefits and improving immunity. 

In the evenings, you can have dry ginger coffee sipped warm while scrolling your favorite playlist on phone or enjoying music in the garden in your house. You can also water your garden plants consisting of herbs like Aloe vera, Asparagus, hibiscus, etc. On the night before retiring, you can add rose water to use as a skin toner on your face. 

Ayurveda and the wonder regimens 

Ayurveda says how to do daily activities via, the daily regimen dinacharya. The seasonal regimen Ritucharya also gives the outline of activities and diet in every season. You are a part of this universe. You can include Ayurveda in your routine and can voluntarily adopt sustainable, ecofriendly, and joyful practices in your life, making it fruitful in its truest sense. 

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. Let’s make ourselves beautiful internally and externally, and make the world a beautiful place to live in. 

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