Neem Extracts and its Miraculous Benefits

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Neem is an evergreen tree whose each and every component is known to be effective in healing purposes. It is loaded with so many anti-bacterial properties that it is used worldwide to treat almost all kinds of ailments. Starting from leaves to the root flowers, neem has served to be a boon to mankind.

The following are the Neem extracts benefits:

Neem Leaves

Neem extracts benefits

Neem leaves are useful for treating eye disorders, skin ailments, intestinal worms, gingivitis,

And so on. It is always advised to chew 4-5 leaves per day to get better skin as its anti-bacterial properties prevent the growth of pimples or boil in the skin. Neem paste along with turmeric works like magic to treat insect bites, eczema, and itching.  Washing eyes with cool neem water can treat any sort of irritation or redness in the eyes. 

To prepare neem water you need to boil neem leaves with water and allow it to cool for 10-15 mins. Then after straining it, the water is ready to use. 

Neem leaves are extremely beneficial for our liver which promotes better digestion and consuming it on a daily basis cleanses our intestinal tract as well.

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Neem Bark   

Neem Extracts

It is believed that the entire quality of neem is concentrated in its bark. Neem bark is believed to improve our immunity better than the leaf. It is also used in our pet food as unlike the leaves, it doesn’t have a bitter taste. To improve oral health like our gums and teeth, we can switch to ayurvedic neem toothpaste containing the bark powder.

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Neem Flower

Neem Flower

Neem flower is mostly used in South-Indian dishes, especially at the onset of summer. You can use it in place of curry leaf powder sometimes as it is believed to contain a few antiseptic properties. It is also used as an agent for weight loss along with neem leaves. It improves the metabolic rate of the body which rapidly exhausts our calories. 

We can consume neem flowers as a paste. While crushing it, we can add honey and lemon juice to counteract its bitter taste.

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Neem Oil

Neem Oil

Neem oil is extracted from the seed of the neem tree and it is rich in fatty acids, vitamin E and antioxidants. It is used in various body oils, body wash, etc. as it helps in treating acne, scars, warts and so on. 

It is best to use 100% pure ayurvedic neem oil as we can reap its benefits in its true state. Although, it has a bad odour which is a mark of its purity along with its yellowish colour.

We can apply neem oil to our skin as a toner as it adds moisture and kills harmful bacteria under the skin layer. We can add more essential oils to it for a pleasant smell but it totally depends on one’s preference.

Hot neem oil can be used to massage our hair and scalp to prevent head lice and dry scalp. We can wash off the oil using any shampoo, preferably ayurvedic.

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So, these are the Neem extracts benefits. Did you use any of these before? If yes, then for what purpose and was that effective?

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